Training has been progressing well. I saw a countdown yesterday that said 40 days till Marine Corps Marathon and I didn’t totally panic. At this point in training I have successfully completed 16 miles. Which is the longest I have run since I ran my last marathon 2 years ago. This weekend will be 18 miles. (eek) I am doing the Air Force Navy Half Marathon on Sunday so I plan on… Read More

Some of you may recall a list of power songs that I created last year around race season. Well I’ve decided to do a refresh. With a new race season approaching, I figured my playlist needed an updated. Naturally, I thought I would share the top 5 songs that are getting my moving these days. Suave (Kiss Me) – Nayer Featuring Pitbull & Mohombi We all know I love Pitbull more than… Read More

Do you ever have those weeks in your life where everything happens at once? It’s your busy season at work, you have things to do in your home, your friends and family have things going on AND you’re marathon training… or is that just me?!? Marathon training weeks 3-6 have flown by. Just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been logging the miles. Unfortunately, something had a to take it… Read More

Everything that I have read regarding training stresses the importance of the weekend long run. I understand that and do not question the methodology. So no matter what I do each weekend, I know that at some point I will be squeezing in my miles. However, despite planning to accomplish these mile every Saturday, sometimes my schedule changes and I have to be flexible. Monday June 15th: At home DVD with strength… Read More

On April 28th I ran the GW Parkway Classic. Since moving to Alexandria in July, I had my eye on this race. I had heard that it was one of the most scenic and beautiful local races. The biggest selling point for me was the fact that this race started 7.2 miles from my house. Packet Pickup was available the entire week before the race at the Pacers in Alexandria, which happens… Read More

Who’s ready to get crazy with a 2 week recap? 2 weeks ago I planted a garden. Yes that’s right. Early this May, I decided to finally plant that herb garden I’d been talking about since we moved in almost a year ago. Well herb garden turned into backyard makeover. We have a fantastic space and weren’t taking advantage of it until now. I really just wanted to share because I’m obsessed… Read More

Another week in the books! I write this as I enjoy my rest day and a nice glass of white wine (it’s deserved). Some weeks are smoother than others. This week definitely had it’s ups and downs. Some of my workouts were far from strong, but I’m glad I didn’t bail. Isn’t showing up half the battle? Sunday: REST Day Monday: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Tuesday: Barre Class Wednesday: REST Thursday: Spin Class… Read More

For the last 8 weeks, I have been taking barre classes. I’d heard amazing things about them so my interest had been piqued. I was told barre classes were challenging, a great workout, and fun. So after signing up for classpass, I figured why not give it a chance. Well…. I’m totally obsessed. However, those who have taken barre know, there’s several stages you go through in class. So I figured why… Read More

Sometimes you go for a run and you feel invigorated, inspired and unstoppable. You know that your goals will be achieved and all of your dreams will come true. (BTW… I love endorphins) Other times you go for a run or exercise and your legs are heavy, your eyes itch, and there seems to be a shifty squirrel who keeps following you around. Days like this you wonder why you even bother…. Read More

We’ve officially entered the start of marathon training season. The countdown is on for my personal Everest, the Marine Corps Marathon. That means training becomes the number one priority and I officially become a pain in everyone’s butt. The last 2 weeks of training have been great. I’ve decided to create a program by combining a few different marathon training plans together to work with my personal needs. My weekly breakout is… Read More