4 month Countdown

We’ve officially entered the start of marathon training season. The countdown is on for my personal Everest, the Marine Corps Marathon. That means training becomes the number one priority and I officially become a pain in everyone’s butt. The last 2 weeks of training have been great. I’ve decided to create a program by combining a few different marathon training plans together to work with my personal needs.

Sorry, can't I have a training run.... story of my life

Sorry, can’t I have a training run…. story of my life

My weekly breakout is below:

Monday: Rest or Light Cross Training
Tuesday: Maintenance Miles
Wednesday: Cross Training
Thursday: Maintenance Miles
Friday: REST!
Saturday: The Long Run
Sunday: Fun Cross training πŸ™‚

Due to my history of knee issues, I have built ample cross training into my schedule to help build strength and utilize different muscle groups. Marathon training plans that consists strictly of miles, usually do more harm than good for me.

Unfortunately, I have been put on the injury list this weekend. Nothing serious, but this morning I had to have one of my back molars extracted… ew. Thankfully, the surgeon who performed my wisdom teeth removal was available and squeezed me in this morning. Right now, I’m home trying to eat ice cream, swapping out gauze, binge watch Bizarre Foods America, and just relaxing. I should be back to the trails in a few days, but for now I’m just resting.

Oh teeth. Why do you constantly betray me?

Oh teeth. Why do you constantly betray me?

Are you training for anything? Do you have a training plan? What’s your favorite kind of cross training? Do your friends or family ever get frustrated during training season? Do you also have major dental issues?

4 Comments on “4 month Countdown

  1. Good luck to you! My fave cross training is yoga, fo shizzle. And yes, I more than inconvenience family and friends when I’m in training! Hahaha!

  2. We have a pretty similar plan! I am definitely erring much more on the side of get to the start and finish healthfully than go big and get hurt. Here’s to lots of compression and foam rolling in our future!

  3. Hahaha – I am also doing MCM this fall, my first marathon (you commented on an old post of mine saying we do a lot of the same races so I stopped by to check in and lo and behold, yes, yes we do). That first gif – your caption – when I was an actor my excuse would always be “sorry, can’t, I have rehearsal.” Now it’s “sorry, I want to, but I really have to get these 8 miles in.” I like your approach to creating a plan based on your needs — it’s smart. I’m going with Hal Higdon basically, the Novice program — I’ve done 7 halfs but for my first full I just want to know I can do the mileage, not worry about temp runs or things like that. But like you I adjust when need be.
    Good luck with training – I expect a triumphant race recap come October! πŸ™‚

    • Hey!! Glad you stopped by! I feel like such a lamo but, it’s true training trumps all. I was not prepared for the mileage during my first full and learned my lesson the hard way. You’re smart but doing the Hal Higdon Novice Program. Maybe I’ll see you out there on race day! Good Luck and I can’t wait to hear all about your MCM experience too.

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