My training is all over the place depending on the season. I have a tendency to crank it up in the summer and winter and coast thru race season in the Spring/Fall. I’m not a fitness instructor or trainer, just an enthusiast. This is what I do, but everyone is different.

When I first decided to start running again more seriously I started using the Couch to 5-K app. It seems simple, but that’s what you need if you are just starting out. Something easy that won’t scare you off the first day.

It works. Really!

It works. Really!

After I completed that I moved onto the Hal Higdon Novice 1 training program.

Great Training Plan! sooo many miles!

Great Training Plan! sooo many miles!

I also like to throw in cross training because I get bored. Easily. So I also have a gym membership for the classes. My home DVD collection has lots of exercise DVDs that I’ve collected over the years. They range from yoga, zumba, strength, toning and who knows what else. I also have lots of yoga stuff. When I first moved to Miami I got really into yoga. It stuck for almost 2 years then when I started running it fell through the cracks. So I would like to pick that back up again.

And I enjoy bicycling. Let me clarifying… not cycling. I’m thinking of training for a bike race or triathlon and there’s a few I have my eye on.

Tell me what you think!

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