Training Guilt and the Highs & Lows

Sometimes you go for a run and you feel invigorated, inspired and unstoppable. You know that your goals will be achieved and all of your dreams will come true. (BTW… I love endorphins)

I am invincible and the world is my oyster

I am invincible and the world is my oyster

Other times you go for a run or exercise and your legs are heavy, your eyes itch, and there seems to be a shifty squirrel who keeps following you around. Days like this you wonder why you even bother.

I am one with this couch.

I am one with this couch.

Training as of recent has been a delightful combination of WTF have I gotten myself into again…. and I feel like unicorns with sparkles are metaphorically running with me. (Wouldn’t it be awesome if they really were?!??) Unfortunately, training took a back seat to dental work, buying a house, moving, and now unpacking. However when I do get in those workouts it’s amazing. It’s just getting those workouts in and not letting all the distractions get in the way of my priorities.

I don’t know about all of you out there, but do you ever have mixed emotions about life getting in the way of training? Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who gets bummed that their long run on Saturday didn’t happen cause they spent all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday moving (okay well I know that’s a very specific example). What do you do justify taking more time for yourself to get those added workouts in? Sometimes, I feel like I’m being selfish by requiring this extra time. Am I the only one? Running can be a very solo activity and that’s how I like to train. By requiring this time away from my friends, family, house, and life in general I feel like I’m being selfish.

Does taking time to run make me selfish?

Does taking time to run make me selfish?

So, how do you deal with runner’s guilt? Do you ever have running mood swings? How do you ensure that training is a priority? Do you ever get upset with life gets in the way of training as much as you’d like?

7 Comments on “Training Guilt and the Highs & Lows

  1. I totally wish my life didn’t get in the way of my training, but it does. I’m very irritable if I don’t get the majority of my training in and everyone is just generally happier if I’m happy (see, I’m very selfish). I use Kobi as an excuse to get lots of “me” time. Good thing that dog loves to run!!

    • I could take my cat for a run… no wait that’d be weird right? ha! That’s really cool, you run with your dog. Life does get in the way, I just have to remind myself and those around me that I too am much happy when running. 🙂

  2. You can’t feel guilty. The way I see it is this: My friends and family want me to be happy. This makes me happy, thus it makes them happy. It also keeps me from being a biatch. Thus it makes everyone happy. I hate when my mood/getting upset about a bad run etc gets in the way of my social life, that is probably when I feel the most guilty. But hey, if it is important to me, which it is, then I can’t feel bad. If it is getting to the point of taking over my life, that is different.

  3. Highs and lows are a part of the sport. I go through phases, but I feel those lows particularly when things get hectic and insane. You are not alone! Just try to find some balance, and you’ll get back on track. Painting can wait (just not those pesky boxes…)!

    • I think exploring that track next week my be just the thing! Correct, new plan good bye boxes and painting you shall have to wait!

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