Marathon Training: Weeks 3-6 (So this is what training feels like…)

Do you ever have those weeks in your life where everything happens at once? It’s your busy season at work, you have things to do in your home, your friends and family have things going on AND you’re marathon training… or is that just me?!? Marathon training weeks 3-6 have flown by. Just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been logging the miles. Unfortunately, something had a to take it hit this month and it was putting the pen to paper (or the fingers to the keys).

I wish I had pink hair #lifegoals

I wish I had pink hair #lifegoals

The good news is my long runs are on track with my training run. I only missed one weekend’s long run 3 weeks ago because I felt like a trash can. Sometimes it’s better not to torture yourself.. right?

This week’s training will be a challenge too. This is my busy week at work. I am not even home, I’m currently in Orlando. After I leave here next week, I will be going further south in Florida to Key West for a family wedding. So we shall see how this week goes, I’ll take any form of exercise as a win while in Orlando, but have already prepped the family that I will be running circles around Key West (which I am actually looking forward to).

All flat, along the beach... this is what I'll look like on next week's run.

All flat, along the beach… this is what I’ll look like on next week’s run.

Also anyone else going through those marathon training kinks where your body is getting use to the increase miles and therefore hurts (in general)? It’s nothing serious just a general soreness. I remember this feeling from training for my first marathon. I am taking this training season more seriously, which could be why I’m more aware. Anyway just seeing if anyone else can commiserate.

How’s your training? How do you exercise while on a work trip? 

4 Comments on “Marathon Training: Weeks 3-6 (So this is what training feels like…)

  1. I never seem to be able to work out while on vacation or a work trip. So congrats if you even get one short workout in!

  2. Sorry but I cannot get past that Nicki Minaj gif. #perfection

    You are doing great girl…as runners we want everything to always be perfect in training & we all have life stuff that can sometimes get in the way but all that matters is you stay positive, get right back on that train and keep truckin.

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