I’m a hands on baker. All the recipes I put up, I have tried and edited or elaborated on. I also make people test them out. So if it isn’t great I’m not putting it up here!

This list will continue to grow as I test out and try new recipes. I have lots of dishes that I’ve made in the past but what’s the fun if I can’t show you step-by-step what I did.

Some are healthy and some are not. All of them can be edited to your liking. If you are gluten free, lactose free, vegan, or whatever floats your boat there are edits you can make! Sometimes I will suggest them if I can remember.

Just remember cooking should be fun and delicious! If I use onions and you don’t like onions… change it! Nothing is written in stone!

And if you have any requests! Just leave a comment šŸ™‚

Fold in your eggs! Happy Baking!

Embrace the baking chaos!

Embrace the baking chaos!


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