What I learned in 6 weeks of barre…

When a barre studio opens a mile from your home, you can’t help but be interested. When that studio has a pre-opening special that includes 6 weeks of unlimited barre, you try it out.

I learned a lot during those 6 weeks. The key takeaway was that if you take a break from a rigorous training program your fitness level will decrease. (I know what you’re thinking… but it can be surprising even if you expect it). However, it can increase with practice and hard work. Time to start at the beginning… again.


no guys, really. 

Barre is wonderful because it incorporates fine toning. It also allows you to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your workout. You can really push yourself or take it a bit easier. At different times, both were necessary.

In the past I have blogged about the many emotions you experience in a barre class, but this post  is more about how after taking a break from fitness it’s important to reassess your fitness level and goals.

After doing barre for 6 weeks earlier this spring, I realized 2 very important things. The first being that I love fitness and the second is that I need goals. Without a goal on the books, I have a very hard time sticking to a plan.


Now will I continue the unlimited barre? No. But will I keep it as a means of cross-training to supplement tri and marathon training? Absolutely!

What do you do to supplement your distance training? Do you perform better with long-term goals? Do you love barre?

Tell me what you think!

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