Marathon Training Week 2: Being Flexible

Everything that I have read regarding training stresses the importance of the weekend long run. I understand that and do not question the methodology. So no matter what I do each weekend, I know that at some point I will be squeezing in my miles. However, despite planning to accomplish these mile every Saturday, sometimes my schedule changes and I have to be flexible.

Monday June 15th: At home DVD with strength training

Tuesday June 16th: HIIT Workout & Yoga

Wednesday June 17th: 2 maintenance Miles

Thursday June 18th: REST

Friday June 19th: Core Strengthening Yoga

Saturday June 20th: REST

Sunday June 21st: 6 Mile Long Run

On Friday night, instead of going to bed early like any good runner who’s marathon training would… I decided to go to a movie. Well not just any movie! I went to see Back to the Future (my all-time favorite movie) at Wolf Trap with the National Symphony Orchestra playing LIVE! It was totally worth it.

This is me... I may exercise in the AM a lot but I am not a morning person. So Sunday morning, I begrudgingly crawled out of bed.

This is me… on Saturday after going to bed at 1am.

However, I did get to meet this little guy on Sunday AM.

Wise words Marty.

Wise words Marty.

How was your week? What’s your favorite movie? Do you ever find your self doing some adjusting to your training schedule?

4 Comments on “Marathon Training Week 2: Being Flexible

  1. I think being successful in marathon training means being flexible! Need to enjoy life, too – otherwise running becomes a chore instead of something fun we choose to do!! Great job.

    • It was totally awesome! They’re doing it for Star Trek this Saturday August 1st. I would highly recommend.

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