We all reach those moments in training where we’re wondering why we continue to do this. Running requires intense dedication and a real willingness to want to succeed on your own. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly tempted to sleep in, skip a workout, or just help myself to another glass of wine/margaritas the night before a training run. I am guilty of committing all of these acts. Well… Read More

I have noticed many bloggers doing Favorite Fridays. Well, that’s exciting because I love shopping, researching products, and telling people all about products I love! So here’s my very first Friday Favorite! Let’s talk about my fitbit force. Or shall we call this Ode to my Fitbit Force. Mine’s actually black If you ever wanted a computer to tell you to get off your bum, get a Fitbit. I’m a desk jockey…. Read More

Many of you know about my goal is to become faster. Runner’s World must know too! Or oh wait I’m not alone in my need for speed. They posted an article to their Facebook account yesterday that really hit home for me. They discussed 2 training techniques to add to your workouts that could help you pick up the pace. 1. Train Up 2. Train Down When you Train Up you exercise… Read More

I’ve heard a lot of talk about resolutions and let me be the first to clarify… Resolutions are not wishes. Resolutions are something that can be achieved through thought, hard-work, and perseverance. I’ve always found resolutions to be a great opportunity to commit to something and see it through. Last year, I decided to run a marathon and become a Half Fanatic. (check and check) 2014 has some new challenges. Get Faster… Read More