Some of you may recall a list of power songs that I created last year around race season. Well I’ve decided to do a refresh. With a new race season approaching, I figured my playlist needed an updated. Naturally, I thought I would share the top 5 songs that are getting my moving these days. Suave (Kiss Me) – Nayer Featuring Pitbull & Mohombi We all know I love Pitbull more than… Read More

So instead of my usual 5 random things, I figure we’ll talk about fun music again this Friday. I’ve been listening to a lot more music lately whether it’s while exercising or just dancing around my house. Generally, I’ve been in a pretty happy place and I think these songs highlight that. I don’t know about anyone else but the type of music I listen to usually relates directly to my life…. Read More

I’m one of those runners who love to supplement with other forms of fitness. I can’t run everyday, I would become bored…very bored.  I  enjoy other forms of exercise, to the point where I look for activities while I’m on vacation.  This cross training philosophy accompanied with running is something that has worked for me in the past. When training for my Half Marathon race where I PR’ed, my preparation included lots… Read More