2 week recap: Mid May Training = Barre & Champs!

Who’s ready to get crazy with a 2 week recap? 2 weeks ago I planted a garden. Yes that’s right. Early this May, I decided to finally plant that herb garden I’d been talking about since we moved in almost a year ago. Well herb garden turned into backyard makeover. We have a fantastic space and weren’t taking advantage of it until now. I really just wanted to share because I’m obsessed with the space. We place all kind of fresh herbs and plants that will repel bugs. Did you know there’s a citronella plant? Check out the amazing results below.

my mini oasis

my mini oasis

Monday: Barre Class

Tuesday: Barre Class

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Barre Class

Friday: Spinning Class (Theme Ride to Pitch Perfect…. AcaAwesome!)

Let's talk about amazing... cause this class was absolute perfection

Let’s talk about amazing… cause this class was absolute perfection

Saturday: Quick Run

Sunday: Gardening (it was just as tough as any workout… did I mention we tore out the old garden?)

Monday: Vinyasa Flow

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: At home DVD

Thursday: Barre Class

Friday: Barre Class

Saturday: Heated Power Yoga with weights… (bootcamp)

That’s a lot of Barre. I know. While my knee feels a lot better it’s not totally 100%. Barre has been a HUGE asset in helping build back on my leg strength. All the pulsing and tucking has really enabled me to develop the gluten and leg strength that I had been lacking. My hope is that by focusing so much on strength training and maintaining a solid fitness level I will be able to transition into marathon training in the next few weeks.

In between all the exercise and gardening, life keeps moving forward. Over Memorial Day I had a fantastic girl’s weekend here in DC.


Kicked off girlie weekend with wedding details! Guess who is a bridesmaid!! 🙂 Can’t wait to share in Miss C’s special day!


Rockymtnpearls tricked us into doing a bootcamp class…. but plus side was able to drink all the champs and rose 🙂


The face of bottomless brunch.


Impromptu photo sessions near the Georgetown waterfront. Love my friends ❤

After girlie weekend I crashed on Sunday and went to my sister’s for a Memorial Day get together. We had a fantastic time and explored her neighborhood pool. spoiler alert: I love it. I see many summer pool days in my future. Hubby and I also decided to participate in the Runner’s World streak. It came up when checking Instagram on the way to my sister’s house. I discovered that Runner’s World is challenging runners to run at least 1 Mile a day from Memorial Day – July 4th. We all know I can never resist a challenge, so we’ve committed. It’ll be a great jump start for fall race training and a purposeful reminder daily of the commitment to training that we each have made.

What are your feelings on challenges? Any workouts you’re obsessed with? How’s your training going? Do any thing fun or meaningful for Memorial Day weekend?

5 Comments on “2 week recap: Mid May Training = Barre & Champs!

  1. Your garden looks awesome – and I agree, totally just as hard (if not harder) than any other workout! I’m pretty much just obsessed with running, but I do a lot of cross training…but it’s all in the name of running and staying healthy 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I love Revolve!!

  3. Im a little behind on your post. I like challenges. Like you said, I think they are good for jumpstarting a habit. I just started a plank challenge that I found on My Fitness Pal last week. It involves all types of planks – so it’s pretty well rounded. Your backyard looks awesome!

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