Marathon training doesn’t just stop. It is a continuous process for months leading up to the big day. Just because I took an impromptu trip to the Northeast last weekend doesn’t mean I get to skip my run. While up there I decided to visit family, yeah that’s right I’m originally from the Jersey Shore. Yes, that Jersey Shore. I went to high school across the bridge. And worked at a short order… Read More

Sometimes you go for a run and you feel invigorated, inspired and unstoppable. You know that your goals will be achieved and all of your dreams will come true. (BTW… I love endorphins) Other times you go for a run or exercise and your legs are heavy, your eyes itch, and there seems to be a shifty squirrel who keeps following you around. Days like this you wonder why you even bother…. Read More

This is my last week of being walking distance to my favorite trail, the Mt. Vernon Trail. I move into my house this Friday (that’s tomorrow BTW!!). (Ugh packing….) So naturally, I had to squeeze in a few last runs and  a bicycling trip with a friend of mine. Said friend is trying to convince me to do a triathlon. I think her peer pressure is working… I want to do a… Read More

We’ve officially entered the start of marathon training season. The countdown is on for my personal Everest, the Marine Corps Marathon. That means training becomes the number one priority and I officially become a pain in everyone’s butt. The last 2 weeks of training have been great. I’ve decided to create a program by combining a few different marathon training plans together to work with my personal needs. My weekly breakout is… Read More

First let me say sorry for being so MIA this month. But I have a good reason!!! My hubby and I are buying a house! Yes we will be homeowners next month! So between house hunting and the whole process, I have had no time for anything not housing research related. So I’ve been googling school districts, safety stats, housing materials, and local running trails (c’mon!) in our neighborhood like it was… Read More

Part II of the King Crab Challenge was the Baltimore 10-Miler. This is a local race that is well known for their amazing premium. Seriously they wins awards for them. I signed up for this race solely due to it’s status in the King Crab Challenge. Otherwise, I’d heard of it, but it takes a lot to get me to trek out to Baltimore at 5AM. Packet Pick up was held in… Read More

When I found out that Jeff Galloway would be doing a free seminar at the Navy Memorial. I jumped at the chance to go. I mean really, how could I not? It’s Jeff Galloway. In case you were curious he’s the Run/Walk/Run & RunDisney guy. It was a great  presentation that opened with remarks from the Marine Corps Marathon Race Director, Rick Nealis who was very welcoming and so down-to-earth. He also… Read More