We don’t Pump our Gas, We Pump Our Fists

Marathon training doesn’t just stop. It is a continuous process for months leading up to the big day. Just because I took an impromptu trip to the Northeast last weekend doesn’t mean I get to skip my run. While up there I decided to visit family, yeah that’s right I’m originally from the Jersey Shore. Yes, that Jersey Shore. I went to high school across the bridge. And worked at a short order beach shack restaurant on the board walk most summers. No, it’s not like the show.

Ignore the little woman running and check out that beach!

Ignore the little woman running and check out that beach!

So I woke up bright and early Sunday morning to hit the boardwalk. Which also happened to be the scene of the dreaded Seaside Heights Half Marathon & a place I use to run a lot in High School (talk about deja vu moments). I woke up before the rest of my family was awake to make a quick getaway. It’s more difficult to pull yourself away once everyone is awake and breakfast is being made.

So I made my way down to the boardwalk. There was a rain like mist covering everywhere and it was a bit colder than I expected. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my run. I logged about 6 miles, which is less than planned but I knew that I had a day full of activities including my cousin’s graduation party. Long runs when I’m home consist of me going home afterward icing and binge watching netflix for a few hours. On Sunday, I did not have that option. While running, I smelt that fantastic salty sea water and just enjoyed my miles.

Love the ocean, shiny things, boats, and hats... obviously I missed my true calling... pirate

Love the ocean, shiny things, boats, and hats… obviously I missed my true calling… pirate

First Sandy then a Fire. Jersey has had enough.

First Sandy then a Fire. Jersey has had enough.

After my run I grabbed some coffee at WaWa. I may have gone 4 times over the course of the weekend. I love their French Vanilla and self service milk. This way the barista doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy when I fill 1/4 of my cup with milk. That afternoon at the party I ate way to much food but it’s okay because my cousin and his wife are Chefs so…. I had to. Yum!

That night I made the 4+ hour trek home from NJ to MD to drop off my mom and sister and grab my car. Then I went another hour  to my home in VA. #LongDay

On a side note… if you’re traveling and not familar with the area check out Ramblen! They have tons of great info on restaurants and other fitness oriented locals like yoga studios! Check out my review of one here!! 

What did you do over the weekend? Do you take your coffee with lots of milk too? Are you from NJ or judging me because I am? What’s one of your favorite place to run? Do you think you would make a very good pirate? Do you try to incorporate exercise when out of town? 

9 Comments on “We don’t Pump our Gas, We Pump Our Fists

  1. New Jersey looks beautiful and cool! Sadly, I get terrible motion sickness so I would make a horrible pirate, or just a really sick one.

  2. Whoooooo Ramblen! I’ve never been to the Jersey Shore. Do they pump their sneakers as well as their gas/fists? 😉

  3. Enjoy your hometown runs! I’ve driven through Jersey, but never been to the shore. And yes, I’m judging you. Haha! Dont’ look at me weird, but I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. I’d love to run again in my hometown – and I’d really like to run the marathon in my college town of Athens, OH. Oh, and duh, of course I’d make a good pirate!!!!

    • I accept the judging, it comes with the territory. WHAT?!? HOW? (my mind is blown!) Running a marathon in your college town would be very cool. And well, duh, you’d make a great pirate. I’m seriously considering career change.

  4. I’ve never been to the Jersey Shore but would def like to go and run there! I like to make these trips or vacations that I take into a ‘runcation’! Checking out a trail or a race in a new city is always fun!

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