First let me say sorry for being so MIA this month. But I have a good reason!!! My hubby and I are buying a house! Yes we will be homeowners next month! So between house hunting and the whole process, I have had no time for anything not housing research related. So I’ve been googling school districts, safety stats, housing materials, and local running trails (c’mon!) in our neighborhood like it was… Read More

I have noticed many bloggers doing Favorite Fridays. Well, that’s exciting because I love shopping, researching products, and telling people all about products I love! So here’s my very first Friday Favorite! Let’s talk about my fitbit force. Or shall we call this Ode to my Fitbit Force. Mine’s actually black If you ever wanted a computer to tell you to get off your bum, get a Fitbit. I’m a desk jockey…. Read More