Motivation for people can come from anywhere. Sometimes it is to realize a goal, achieve what you didn’t think possible or other times it’s to reach a health/fitness level. Motivation for me has been all over the place. I’ve been inspired by achieving faster times, losing weight, or my personal favorite proving to someone that they were wrong and I could run a half marathon. (In case you were wondering that’s how this… Read More

This past weekend I enjoyed some time with my fav ladies while my hubby went out-of-town for a boys weekend. On Friday, I swung by Pacers in Old Town to pick up my packet for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Afterward, my friends and I had a low-key night where we ordered a few pizzas and enjoyed some red vino. (Amazing) On Saturday, I crawled out of bed to go to AwesomeCon. It was totally… Read More

It’s Friday so let’s chat! This week has been insane! I’m actually glad it’s over and tonight I catch a flight to MIAMI! So let’s jump right in! 1. Tomorrow my cousin is marrying and amazing girl in Miami. I am so excited to be going to their wedding and honored that I get to be part of their big day! My hubby and I are in the wedding party. Therefore this… Read More