Friday Favs… OMG it’s April

It’s Friday so let’s chat! This week has been insane! I’m actually glad it’s over and tonight I catch a flight to MIAMI! So let’s jump right in!

1. Tomorrow my cousin is marrying and amazing girl in Miami. I am so excited to be going to their wedding and honored that I get to be part of their big day! My hubby and I are in the wedding party. Therefore this week has been spent, getting hair done (update… I’m a brunette now) , nails, and breaking in shoes!

So this is pretty much me at weddings. #NoShame

2. Gel Mani’s – Where have you been all my life? I’m one of those people who love pedicures and hate manicures. Yeah, that’s a thing. Sometimes I can be a bit awkward…. no surprise there. But I’ve always wondered where I should be looking during my mani. Not to mention that I am the person who smudges their nails on the way our then chips them at home. In short… I can be a real mess.

pedicure... yes puh-lease!

pedicure… yes puh-lease! source

3. Bani Bands – I usually wear a hat/visor when I exercise. Since I’ve been trying some new apparel recently, I figured why not give headbands a try too. Well Active GearUp (or as I like to call it Sporty RueLaLa) had Bani Bands on sale. So I ordered a few. I’ve only worn them at the gym so far, but I love them. They’re a great alternative to the visor and come in lots of fun colors (even sparkles)!

4. It’s FLIP FLOP Time! I’m fortunate enough to work in a Flip Flop/jeans friendly office. Which makes race recovery awesome! But it’s starting to feel more like spring in DC and to me that means flip flop season!

See the dark nail polish... it's to cover my runner's toes! Also can you tell which toe nails aren't there?

See the dark nail polish… it’s to cover my runner’s toes! Also can you tell which toe nails aren’t there?

5.  FREE 2014 Remy’s World Calendar! – This mini Runner’s World Calendar is too funny! Around the new year I printed it out, cut each month out and tacked it to my cube wall. It provides year round motivation and truthfully makes me laugh each month.

We're all guilty of this pose.

We’re all guilty of this pose.

Do you ever do the Runner’s Pose? Do you get down at Weddings too? Have you broken out your flip flops yet? Do you know any other amazing tricks like gel mani’s that the world should know about? 

3 Comments on “Friday Favs… OMG it’s April

  1. Congrats on the wedding fun you’ll have! Whenever I have to stop at a busy street due to traffic. I always try to look cool by sucking in the gut, wiping off sweat, and looking at my watch like I’m annoyed that they’re slowing down my run! Haha

  2. Weddings are so much fun! Waking up happy! Sun is shining, birds chirping! It’s going to be a wonderful weekend!! I’ve tried the running pose before but it never quite turns out! Lol enjoy your weekend and partying at Miami wedding! Woo hoo!

    • Thanks! Wedding was great! They themed it country BBQ so the food was amazing (something I’ve never said about a wedding before). In my mind, I think I look like the runner’s pose but I’m sure it looks a lot less graceful.

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