Motivation for people can come from anywhere. Sometimes it is to realize a goal, achieve what you didn’t think possible or other times it’s to reach a health/fitness level. Motivation for me has been all over the place. I’ve been inspired by achieving faster times, losing weight, or my personal favorite proving to someone that they were wrong and I could run a half marathon. (In case you were wondering that’s how this whole crazy thing started in 2008). Recently, I have been motivated by raising funds for the ALZ Stars and becoming a healthier version of myself.

I also enjoy mermaid dancing

I also enjoy mermaid dancing

Get it Girl!

Get it Girl!

Sometimes we forget what motivates us, when we’re out on the trails and the last few runs have been rough… #thisgirl. A new low was experienced on my Saturday long run when my pants seam broke… on my fav pair of capris that I have had for 2+ years. (UA Shatter Capri, you will be missed… but thankfully I have 4 more pairs just like you.)

But I find that it helps to re-center myself and remember what inspires or motivates me. I am inspired by my friends and family who have joined in the running and fitness world. I am motivated by how much I love the feeling of accomplishment after a great run. I am moved by seeing how open the running community is to helping one another even if it’s just giving someone a positive shout out when they pick themselves up from stretching and get back on the trail. (True story… thanks nice man by reflecting pool. Your positive words really helped.) I am encouraged by feeling myself get stronger and more capable week after week.


Sometimes, it takes longer than expected to see a change whether it’s physical or mental but, when you do it has a great impact on your will to continue on your journey. The desire to follow through with your goals can be a powerful motivator and when you realize those goals the sense of accomplishment is unimaginable. I am looking forward to the next few months to see where my journey takes me.

Also thanks to my friends for nominating me for the ice bucket challenge. I did donate but apparently you have to ICE yourself too?!? For more information on the cause visit



There is much I wouldn't do to raise awareness for a charity or a good cause.  And it kind of felt good post workout.

There isn’t much I wouldn’t do to raise awareness for a charity or a good cause. And it kind of felt good post workout.

Did you do the ice bucket challenge? What motivates or inspires you? Have you achieved your goal? Are you working towards something now or possibly a new goal? 

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