As spring race season approaches, I like to take inventory of what I have and what I may need to stock up on. Everyone has their race day rituals, superstitions, and must haves to get them through! Here are my Must Haves!: Glide– If I could coat myself head-to-toe in this stuff I would. Correction: I do. Some people chafe and some don’t. I chafe. That’s it. I actually have a scar… Read More

This past weekend I enjoyed some time with my fav ladies while my hubby went out-of-town for a boys weekend. On Friday, I swung by Pacers in Old Town to pick up my packet for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Afterward, my friends and I had a low-key night where we ordered a few pizzas and enjoyed some red vino. (Amazing) On Saturday, I crawled out of bed to go to AwesomeCon. It was totally… Read More