So I’m addicted. To Peeps. No really. I ate them for breakfast yesterday. This is not the food of champions people. However, they are absolutely delicious, there is no denying that. It turns out one of theĀ perks of being an adult includes getting to eat peeps for breakfast. But let’s get back to reality shall we? Last weekend, I was in Miami for about 36 hrs. It may have been exactly 36… Read More

It’s Friday so let’s chat! This week has been insane! I’m actually glad it’s over and tonight I catch a flight to MIAMI! So let’s jump right in! 1. Tomorrow my cousin is marrying and amazing girl in Miami. I am so excited to be going to their wedding and honored that I get to be part of their big day! My hubby and I are in the wedding party. Therefore this… Read More

In case you didn’t already guess that’s me on the left. Justine and I decided to run this race on a whim. We had originally intended on running the Baltimore Marathon 2012 together, which I had convinced her to do. Well… that didn’t happen. I busted my left knee and was out of comission. (but she still ran it and rocked!) So when the amazing doctor at UMiami Sports Medicine Center gave… Read More