Weekend Wrap Up and 4.25 miles of Motivation!

This past weekend I enjoyed some time with my fav ladies while my hubby went out-of-town for a boys weekend. On Friday, I swung by Pacers in Old Town to pick up my packet for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Afterward, my friends and I had a low-key night where we ordered a few pizzas and enjoyed some red vino. (Amazing)

1 glass a day?

1 glass a day?

On Saturday, I crawled out of bed to go to AwesomeCon. It was totally as awesome as it sounds. Only downside was that it was insanely crowded. Who knew there were so many totally awesome people in DC?

Inside the Tardis Photo Booth!!!

Inside the Tardis Photo Booth!!! Justine on the Left and Me on the right

On Saturday evening, I headed over to my parent’s house in the burbs of Maryland with my cat Maggie, to have dinner and do a training run with my mom on Sunday. (And really… why not?)

The fun began on Sunday when we decided to go for our training run. I used this as an opportunity to test out my race outfit for the Frederick Half Marathon, where I will be wearing a running skirt for the first time. The unexpected twist in events came when my younger sister decided she was joining us.

Here I am shocked?


This is a girl that I have been trying to get running since we ran the Cherry Blossom 5K together in 2008 and she kicked my butt. After that race I got way more into running (again since High School) and she got way less. So when she decided she’d like to go with us, I got excited. Could my very first running buddy want to do more races with her big sister? Naturally, I took that one small act and started picturing running marathons together in matching outfits. (I’m warped.)

Yep. This would work.

Yep. This would work.

We made it half a mile before she was getting antsy. Womp Womp. So my mother decides that if E (my sister) can make it to the local specialty running store Fleet Feet Gaithersburg, she can get brand new running sneakers. Did I forget to mention the store is 4.25 miles away?

So she makes it to a mile. Then says she’s done and she’ll be turning around to stroll home. We high-five her and let her know she did a great job and we’ll see her at home. So my mom and I keep going. She’s doing a power walk and I’m doing a semi tempo run where I’m running ahead and jogging back to walk with her. It was working. Then I notice a highlighter yellow walker about 50 meters back… IT’s E! She’s still going. So we wave and keep trucking along. Then at 2.5 miles she catches back up to us! And utters only one phrase, “I want my shoes!”

See Disney has all kinds of real life application

See Disney has all kinds of real life application

After E caught back up with us, she continued to power walk with my mom, while I ran back and forth. According to my mother’s GPS, Fleet Feet was 4.25 miles from the house. E did it!!! At the store, they got fitted for new shoes. I guess feet are genetic cause each ended up with a Brooks or New Balance like ME!!

Younger sister on the left and my mom on the right.

Younger sister on the left and my mom on the right. Great Job ladies!!

We ended the training run with quick stop to Whole Foods to pick up items to make chili for dinner and try out their new line of fresh juices!



How was your weekend? Did you squeeze in a run? Did you have a race? Spend any time with family or friends? Have you ever gone to a Comic Book Convention?



2 Comments on “Weekend Wrap Up and 4.25 miles of Motivation!

  1. Aw this is awesome–yay for your sister! I love the “I want my shoes!” I love that this is as true for runners as it is for fashion divas, hahaha. Good luck to her as she continues!

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