Nobody puts tutus in a corner!

I woke up this morning to a huge stirring in the running community. The April edition of the popular female fitness magazine, SELF was hot off the presses. Within the magazine they published a BS Meter (list…) regarding what’s hot or lame. FYI: SELF Magazine considers running with tutus lame.

That’s right Regina George… Lame….

That’s not even the worst part! SELF Magazine used an image of 2 women wearing superhero inspired tutus on their BS Meter to drive the point home.

Excerpt from list

The exact images used courtesy of the Facebook Page of  Glam Runner  source

SELF Magazine certainly did not check their facts on this list. The runner on the right in the Wonder Woman inspired outfit is  Monika Allen, a Cancer Survivor, who makes running tutus to benefit charity. That’s right. Not only was she in the middle of Chemo while this photo was taken but she donates proceeds from the tutus she sells to the well know charity Girls on the Run, which promotes healthy activities and running to grade school children.

Anyone who has the courage to run marathons while raising money for charity WHILE undergoing chemotherapy is not lame. They are inspirational.  Sorry SELF magazine. You are wrong.

Not sure why, but I kept thinking of this… Nobody puts tutus in a corner!

That's me on the right in a tutu at Disney during the Princess Half Marathon 2013.

That’s me on the right in a tutu at Disney during the Princess Half Marathon 2013. My friend Christine on the left is a Coach for Girls on the Run at the elementary school where she teaches.

Do you ever run in something for fun? What inspires you? Have you run in a tutu before?



16 Comments on “Nobody puts tutus in a corner!

  1. Tutus most certainly are not my style (also, they seem very itchy), but I would never say they’re lame. Whatever gets people excited about running is ok in my book! It’s dumb that a fitness magazine would discourage people from doing something that would help keep them interested in fitness…

    • Agreed! I did the tutu thing once thus far. I’m inclined to check out sparkle skirts now (tutus are itchy). But Christine from the photos loves them! It’s a to each their own situation. I just thought it was so weird that a fitness magazine would criticize anyone who was running a marathon.

  2. I ran in a tutu once…and it wasn’t my favorite thing. But I did have fun, and that’s all that matters. I say no matter the distance, and no matter the reason – if you’re running – wear whatever the heck you want to! I unliked the self facebook page, unfollowed the instagram account and cancelled my subscription. There’s no room for that kind of mean, negative, lameness in my world. I’m amazed at everthing Monica has accomplished – and I think her Tutus are fabulous.

    • It was definitely a one time experience for me too. And you are right, it doesn’t matter what motivates you to get out there, just that you are out there! There’s no need for any company especially a female oriented fitness magazine to be projecting anything that could be discouraging people from becoming active. I understand why you would not want to associate. The Glam Runner tutus are super cute and that fact that Monika Allen donates proceeds to charity is amazing!

  3. Tutus are not for me (I’m more of a sparkle skirt girl) but I totally agree with everything you said! Why did SELF even think it acceptable to use a photo without doing any fact finding?! This was unnecessary and I hope this woman’s tutu sales double thanks to SELF.

    • So you love sparkle skirts? I’m considering running an upcoming race in one… did you make or buy? And what’d you think? (so many questions!!)
      Exactly! It’s not that hard to ask one or two simple questions. Why do you run in tutus, would of been an easy one! It looks like Glam Runner is no longer accepting orders because of mass demand and I LOVE that!! It’s amazing how the fitness/running community can come together to support a great cause.

      • I ordered mine from They are a little pricy but totally worth it! It has three huge pockets and is very flattering!

  4. Running in a tutu absolutely made my first half marathon experience. And why should it matter what you wear as long as it makes you happy and inspires you to be healthy and active? Thank you for sticking up for tutus and writing this message! Also, you notice that Self didn’t ask any participants from RunDisney races for a picture… that would have meant all out war.

    • I like that, whatever makes you happy and inspires you is all that matters. RunDisney races aren’t the same without the sea of tutus. I remember half the fun was checking out how creative people got with their costumes.

  5. I, unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to see this actual article but I have heard about it. Crazy. And I can’t imagine how hard they are eating their words right now and how many people have lost their jobs because of this. Crazy. I don’t run in tutu’s but I have searching for a race to get one for! 🙂

    • Running in tutus is something fun to try out. Nowadays most races have at least a few tutu clad runners. From experience the Disney races and RnR have a lot of tutus! If you get the chance the Shape Diva Dash is lots of fun and many runners with costumes!

  6. Tutus look awesome! Its so motivational seeing a group running all dressed up!!! I am going totally out of the box. Tutu time 🙂

  7. I completely agree with you! And aside from the obvious major fail of picturing two ladies running in charitable tutus, the whole thing is so caddy and reminiscent of a tabloid like People (a la worst dressed list), not a health and fitness magazine. I’ve never run in a tutu, but I have run a marathon and know how hard it is. If running in a frilly skirt gets you through to the end, then by all means have fun!

    • Agreed, running a marathon is hard enough! It shouldn’t matter what you wear while doing it, just that you are out there running.

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