Adventures in Spinning

I’m one of those runners who love to supplement with other forms of fitness. I can’t run everyday, I would become bored…very bored.  I  enjoy other forms of exercise, to the point where I look for activities while I’m on vacation.  This cross training philosophy accompanied with running is something that has worked for me in the past. When training for my Half Marathon race where I PR’ed, my preparation included lots of cross training.

Within the last few weeks, I started doing spinning to help with leg strength and tone my legs. To me it’s my least favorite body part, which is ironic because I’m a runner.

So yesterday I decided to do a set of strength training exercises during my lunch break. It was great and kicked my butt in a good way.

After work, I decided to take a spin class. I think one of the most challenging part of the class is figuring out my settings on the bike. For some reason I’m different every class.

Yep. That’s me, every class. source

For anyone else who spins, you know the music is key. Music in this   class was particularly interesting. We had the usual Lady Gaga & Bruno Mars. Then there were a few less typical selections including the opening song from the Lion King, Grease Lightening, various songs from Glee, the orchestral Rocky song, and the finale song the Bellas’ sing at the end of Pitch Perfect. Half the group loved the choices and the other half didn’t seem too fond of the music.

So what do you do to cross train? Do you have music you love or even hate, while spinning or even working out?

8 Comments on “Adventures in Spinning

  1. haha, I would have NOT been fond of that music. I really don’t want to think of baby simba when I’m trying to get my sweat on!! lol

  2. I haven’t gotten into spinning just yet, but have been utilizing glute exercises and the elliptical. Particularly with the later, great, rhythmic, energetic music is key. Otherwise I get to a mile and I am bitter that it’s only been a mile. I play a lot of Glee, so that sounds fabulous, but I echo the sentiments about the Lion King… very odd. Unless it is a Disney/musical themed class…

    • No theme that I know of. I’m going to revisit the same instructor this week and see if it’s his usual style. Americano/On the Floor-Glee Mashup with Kate Hudson is amazing. It’s a staple on my running playlist.

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