Anyone is the DC metro area knows how gross the weather was this past weekend. Truly gross. I finally understand the meaning of wintry mix. Since I’m trying to go easy on myself those 5 miles I planned for Sunday were not going to happen in sleet, rain, hail,  & snow. It’s almost like the weather doesn’t realize I have other plans! So I ran to the gym. What else is a girl… Read More

I’m one of those runners who love to supplement with other forms of fitness. I can’t run everyday, I would become bored…very bored.  I  enjoy other forms of exercise, to the point where I look for activities while I’m on vacation.  This cross training philosophy accompanied with running is something that has worked for me in the past. When training for my Half Marathon race where I PR’ed, my preparation included lots… Read More

So I noticed something at the gym last night… more people! With resolutions come the increased crowds at the gym. Lots of people complain, but I personally think this is a great thing. More people exercising is fantastic, except when they have no idea what they’re doing. Here’s my simple list on how to assimilate with your fellow gym goers seamlessly: Use the wipes. No really. People notice if you don’t. And… Read More