Friday Favs – Music Edition

So instead of my usual 5 random things, I figure we’ll talk about fun music again this Friday. I’ve been listening to a lot more music lately whether it’s while exercising or just dancing around my house. Generally, I’ve been in a pretty happy place and I think these songs highlight that. I don’t know about anyone else but the type of music I listen to usually relates directly to my life. Let’s check out 5 songs that I have had a repeat for the last few weeks.

1.I’m a curvy girl. No matter what size I am, I always have a booty. There is no denying it. I am a huge fan a silly fun songs that embrace being who you are. I don’t need a sappy ballad, I want an upbeat pop song that I can jam out to. I love this song because I can relate to it. I’m not a stick figure, but if you are that’s okay too. There’s no need to change your appearance drastically for any person in particular.

2. Who doesn’t love a great song to dance to? Anytime I hear this song, I have to start dancing even if I’m out on a run. I am obsessed with the beat and for a minute think I have the Moves like Jagger. (Nobody wants to see that, but there’s a good chance if you see me at a race it will happen at some point)

3. A list of upbeat dance songs wouldn’t be complete without my the Princess of Pop, Ms. B Spears herself. I love me some Britney. I blame it on the fact that Hit Me Baby was the first CD I owned. But this song in particular is just fun. The video to a little silly, but that’s expected.

4. Okay, if it’s not obvious from other posts already, I am huge country music fan. It started back in college when I interned at a top 40 station and a country station. The top 40 artists really weren’t that nice (in general) however, the country artists were fantastic. Because I knew nothing about country music, I got to be the intern that took pics and actually meet these people. Here I learned that not all country music is sad, some can be awesome. Like this one.

5. Ready for a song that makes you want to enter an old school dance off? Always! (Good answer) Sorry guys it’s the clean version below.

What’s songs are you loving right now for exercise or just for funsies? What are you up to this weekend?

2 Comments on “Friday Favs – Music Edition

  1. YOU and i have very similar musical tastes–anything and everything with a good beat that makes you smile! These are already some of my favorites!

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