Post Marathon… What Now?

It’s fairly common to take a short hiatus post marathon. I don’t know about anyone else but I spent the last 5 months waking up at 5am, putting in grueling mileage, missing friends/family, being hungry (constantly.. aka runger), dealing with pain, and ice baths all to conquer this behemoth of a race. Well now that it’s done, now what?


Now that I’ve achieve my goal… what next?


Now that one crazy life goal is complete… how do I top it? 

First I spent a solid 3 weeks and didn’t run. That had more to do with toe nail challenges but whatevs. For the last 4 weeks I have embraced yoga, Tone It Up workouts, and barre. During marathon training I kept doing yoga and some Tone It Up however, barre fell off my radar. Now that I have so much time back, I’ve started to embrace the cross training again. Timing couldn’t be better, because a new barre studio is opening super close to my house so I was able to take advantage of pre-opening offers (now just counting down to January 1st).


OMG. I can run to barre. Dreams do come true!

Secondly, I’ve been reassessing my goals. Which leads to an exciting announcement. I have started taking steps to become a spinning instructor! That’s right. I have enjoyed taking spin/cycling classes since high school and have often considered becoming an instructor. Sharing the love of spinning with friends is something I greatly enjoy, so why not share is with everyone I possibly can! Post marathon, I realized that I finally have the time to dedicate to really putting my heart into this endeavor. Over the next few weeks/months I’ll be taking the steps to become certified and probably loving almost every minute!


Love a new adventure! 


I’m not certified yet, but I have a feeling that’s not appropriate form. Just guessing though. Also why did they break up? 

Thirdly, post marathon I have been planning my 2016 calendar and creating new goals/resolutions. 2016 will be full of adventure and lots of travel. The Hubby and I have some pretty exciting and not so exciting places in mind. In 2016, I will also be doing a few races (spoiler alert… one of them may be a triathlon), however there are no immediate marathon plans in the future. Instead I hope to focus on speed, but more on that later.

That’s what’s new with me!

What has been going on with you? Thinking about 2016 yet? How quickly to you jump back into running post marathon/goal race? Have you taken a spin class? 

4 Comments on “Post Marathon… What Now?

  1. I usually take several weeks off after a marathon too. So exciting that you are becoming a spin instructor! I love spinning!

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