Back-to-Back Halfs and Girlie Weekend Prep

Training has been rough and by rough I mean slow and by slow I mean…. Well you get my point. After the RnR USA last month my knee has been acting up. I’ve incorporated more yoga, started an intimate relationship with my foam roller, and have taken advantage of cardio machines at the gym. However, with back-to-back races right around the corner, I need to manage my expectations and begin my race prep!

Ahh So Many Miles!

My overall end goal for 2014 is actually in the fall. These races in the spring are mostly with friends and family. So I decided my goal has become finishing. I usually have a time goal, but I’m going to try something new. I’m just going to have some fun. I know that I can run/move 13.1 miles and even 26.2 miles and I have remained very active despite some knee issues, therefore I know that I can do it. I just may not be going as fast as I would like.

Well kind of….

This week to prep for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC, I have lots of stretching, short easy runs, and even a massage on deck for next week. (It’s spa week here in DC!)


Let’s talk about how fantastic this is!!

Nike Women’s Half Marathon is also super exciting because I will be running my besties! (yeah I said besties and I’m 26. What?) This will be the first time we will all run a race together. Each of us has at least one half marathon under our belt so I’d say we’re ready to conquer DC.


My how we’ve changed! fyi… I’m the bride in that pic 🙂 and the short one in the oh so stylish white beret

We have a big girlie weekend planned. Amy will be flying in from CO, where her high altitude training has made her fast, like lightning. I imagine she’ll be like the Flash on the course. Justine and Christine are also locals like me! Once Amy lands on Friday afternoon, the 4 of us have plans to hit the expotique their word not mine followed by dinner. Yum! Then Saturday we will be grabbing a bite to eat and heading over to Old Town Alexandria to hit the Lilly store and see about getting some manicures. (From experience, getting a pedicure the day before the race, isn’t wise. My blisters had blisters.) Once we wrap up in Old Town we’re heading over to the new Tanger Outlets at the National Harbor to give all our money to the Nike and Under Armour Outlets.


Overall, the phrase I’m excited seems like a HUGE understatement. This weekend, I’ll be checking out AwesomeCon and logging in some training miles with my mom and sister as we prepare for Zooma on May 31st. (oh so many races!)

Do you have any upcoming races? Do you ever run races with friends or family? What’s your favorite half marathon (I’m always looking for new races)? Do you ever run races for fun or is do you always have a time goal? 

8 Comments on “Back-to-Back Halfs and Girlie Weekend Prep

    • It’s the best! I would recommend it to everyone. All those fun thoughts and great race moments are exaggerated when you run with friends.

  1. I know a lot of people running the Nike womens half marathon – I’ve heard it’s a super fun race! I’m sure you’ll have have a blast!

    My favorite 1/2 marathon (so far) is the Baltimore half during Baltimore running festival. I’ve ran it Ita couple times, it’s well organized and the b – more locals provide awesome crowd support! 🙂

    • I’m super excited about Nike next week. Last year I ran Baltimore and LOVED it!! I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s an amazing race and I’ll be back again this year.

  2. My bestie and I ran a half marathon together last month – her first one! It was so fun. Running races with friends has helped me get over my fear of running sans music, which has improved the overall experience of running for me. Have fun!!

    • That’s awesome! Congrats to you and your friend! I’m still working on the no music when running without my friends.

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