Cold weather can be a huge deterrent for me to exercise outside. When I say cold I am referring to snowy, icey or general wet conditions when combined with cold weather. I actually enjoy running in the winter, so long as I’m not overwhelmed by trying not to face plant. Therefore, these last few weeks have been a challenge. After finishing PT I’d began to get back into a running rhythm and… Read More

So I only realized this morning how close we are to the Asheville Half Marathon! It’s like around the corner. People it’s 6 weeks away! Thankfully I have received the running all clear. But still…. 6 weeks. Usually in the weeks leading up to a half marathon I have a strategy. Well it occured to me I have no strategy. Yep. None. Well, I guess I have a semblance of a strategy……. Read More

It’s that time of the year again people! Who’s excited?!? It’s fall race season! If you couldn’t tell I am thrilled! My very first race of the season is on Saturday! I will be making the journey to Leesburg, VA to run the DC Wine Country Diva Half marathon. (Yeah that’s a mouthful). So I have some points of irritation with this race and it hasn’t even started yet. 1. It’s not… Read More

After today I’ve decided that Nike never does anything small. Nike has an all-or-nothing mentality. But before we get to the Nike Women’s Half Marathon Expotique, let’s chat a bit about Girlie Weekend!!┬áMy friends and I came up with the brilliant idea several months ago to all get together and run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon together. Well that weekend is here!! YAY!! We had an awesome dinner on Friday night and… Read More

Training has been rough and by rough I mean slow and by slow I mean…. Well you get my point. After the RnR USA last month my knee has been acting up. I’ve incorporated more yoga, started an intimate relationship with my foam roller, and have taken advantage of cardio machines at the gym. However, with back-to-back races right around the corner, I need to manage my expectations and begin my race… Read More