Today marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. A day that is forever marked by the heinous atrocity that took place. As a community runners are strong, supportive and emotionally invested in the well-being of their kin. It’s a bond that seems implausible until you feel it yourself.

I myself do not personally know anyone effected, nor am I from Boston. But the actions that took place that day shook the community as a whole. One year later, the inspiring stories of the brave survivors, selfless rescue workers, and bystanders that became heroes continue to amaze me.

Today, I urge you to remember the tragedy that occurred but to also become inspired. Inspired by those who have risen from this unforeseen attack and provided the rest of us with hope. Hope that even in the darkest of times and the bleakest of situations, people can overcome and persevere.

Below is a video from the Dear World: Boston Marathon. Today we remember the events that occurred on April 15, 2014 and today #WeWillRun.

Dear World, a love letter from Boston marathon bombing survivors. from Dear World on Vimeo.

4 Comments on “#WeWillRun

  1. I think that is the whole thing – while many of us have a more direct connection, for everyone who runs, and even those who don’t … this had an impact, a very real and human impact. I ran today in honor of those impacted, and will dedicate my run next week to all runners impacted by violence of any type, on or off a race course.

    • I agree 100%. It too will run today in honor of last year’s tragic acts. And it’s very admirable to be dedicating your run next week.

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