Who got a new job?!? This girl! I officially have a new job! Yes, it’s a great opportunity at an exciting company and I can’t wait to start. Of course I celebrated by buying new running gear, cause really what else would I do!?!

Here’s my findings:

1. Brooks Vest

Yep! I bought this color!

Yep! I bought this color!

I have not worn it yet. Back in college, I wore a similar vest  while running in the winter. Before I moved to Miami, I gave away most of my old winter items. Who knew I’d be back 3 years later and miss a lot of it.

In jackets my arms are too restricted. So when I saw this little number was on sale online, I immediately added it to my cart.

2. Arm Warmers



They are beautiful. These are from Groove Baby Action Gear on Etsy. Katie the shop owner was so helpful with all my questions. We even customized the sleeves with my actual measurements and switched out the silver wrist for red. I plan on wearing these during the RnR USA  Half Marathon, in Washington DC in March. If you couldn’t tell I’ll be rocking more than a healthy amount of Red, White, and Blue.

3. New Visor

Take my money!

Take my money!

As many of you know I’m a Half Fanatic (#5176) and my hubby  (#5177) is too. Yeah we’re cool. I love being a member of such a positive running community. So as an extra treat, I purchased this visor. I’m one of those people who always run with a hat or visor. This is because I have have extreme light sensitivity with my eyes and I’m super sweaty! 🙂

4. Surprise Contest Win Tech Shirt

Who doesn't love free?

Who doesn’t love free?

I’m running the Frederick Half in the spring. So I figured it couldn’t hurt when I entered a contest for 50% discount a few months ago. Well I didn’t expect to be one of the contest winners (no really, I was shocked!). As a winner, I got 50% off Frederick Half Marathon, FREE race entry to any solo race in the Baltimore Running Festival, and this awesome tech shirt. So I will be running the MD Double this year.

Image courtesy of Tumblr, 1luckygrl

How do you reward  your  accomplishments whether personal, professional, or fitness related? Have you purchased any new gear recently? If you haven’t purchased anything, is there a product that you just love to gush about?

6 Comments on “Gear-a-Palooza

  1. I love running jackets and seem to justify them pre or post race. It’s also cold to cool where I live for 8 months of the year so they get lots of use.

    • U-S-A, U-S-A… too much?

      The etsy shop is awesome. You should check it out. There’s a few others, I’m trying to justify too!

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