To Tri? Let’s start with the basics.

I have mentioned here before that I would like to try my first triathlon in 2015. Well I think I picked which one I’m going to do, I just haven’t officially registered yet. For the past month, I have been swimming at our local rec center. I grew up by the ocean, with a pool in my backyard, and was on the summer swim team for several years. Swimming is not something foreign to me.

Not really, but how awesome would that be!

Not really, but how awesome would that be!

Since moving back to the DC area in June 2013, I haven’t really swam, like at all. So a few weeks ago, I decided if I’m actually going to do this triathlon thing, I should get in a pool and see if June 2015 is even feasible. Well, I forgot how much I LOVE to swim! No really. I love it. It reminds me of when I was younger and I’d play mermaids in the pool with my 2 sisters. It brings back summers spent surfing (which I haven’t done since I was 20). It reminds me of that wonderful chlorine smell that I was covered in when I first met one of my lifelong friends while in the slow lane of the swim team. Swimming has been my joy these last few weeks. I find that I look forward to the end of the work day so I can rush over to the pool and start my laps.

Last week my hubby joined me for laps. He is a 7:30-8 min miler for half marathons. I’m am accustomed to him being faster, it’s just life. So I wasn’t shocked when he suggested we race a few laps. I was intrigued. He knows I swim well and for once, this was actually a competition. Well turns out that in the water I am a fish and MUCH faster than my husband. This for some reason made we wildly happy. It also gave me a huge boost of confidence, that I hadn’t’ expected.

Well you won't (bazinga!)

Well you won’t (bazinga!)

Besides my swimming adventures, I’ve been doing regular training runs in DC during the week and lots of exercise videos. I’m trying to work on muscles that aren’t just running and it’s helping! I can already feel a difference in my strength and speed on my longer weekend runs. The best perk, is I’m enjoying myself more.

Mid-week runs are the best when the reflecting pool is your track.

Mid-week runs are the best when the reflecting pool is your track.

In more fun news… I got a bike. I already have a mountain mike, but my parents had a road bike lying around that my mom had won in a raffle last spring. Who knew? It’s men’s however, it’s for 5’6-5’8, which is me… barely! So I’m super stoked to take that on a test drive this weekend.

I’ve also signed up for a few smaller races this fall including the Run the Parks 10K, which I thought would be fun again this year. Last year I ran it and had a great time! I also convinced a friend to sign up for her first road race ever with me! We’re doing the Frosty 5K in December. I am beyond thrilled that I get to be there for her first ever finish line crossing!

 Do you love swimming? What will you do once it’s gets cold to stay in shape? What was your first finish line? Did you sign up for any fun runs this fall and winter? Any cycling tips, before my first ride? Do you have a schedule or take it day by day?

10 Comments on “To Tri? Let’s start with the basics.

  1. GET IT!! I would love to do a triathlon but a) I don’t have a bike, and b) our pool at our apartment is teeny tiny. Also I get way cold in water (which is ok in our pool, but can be a problem). Also, it is rather difficult to keep up with things in Chicago during the winter. But my hope is to do the International Tri next year here in Chicago!

    • HA! Love it! Yeah, I could see that as being problematic. Those are definitely a few hurdles. In Chicago! I hope it’s in the summer otherwise that could be cold.

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