When the gym is empty… use ALL the machines!

Anyone is the DC metro area knows how gross the weather was this past weekend. Truly gross. I finally understand the meaning of wintry mix. Since I’m trying to go easy on myself those 5 miles I planned for Sunday were not going to happen in sleet, rain, hail,  & snow. It’s almost like the weather doesn’t realize I have other plans!

Dear Weather, I should be trying but hail frightens me!

So I ran to the gym. What else is a girl to do? And almost got hit by a car because I live across from a Costco. Yes, that’s right to go to my gym I walk through a Costco Parking lot, a metro stop,  and a large shopping mall, otherwise I will get hypothermia from the cold. It’s like my own version of the amazing race but lasts only .7 miles. (So maybe I’m a little dramatic, but at least this way I’m dry.) There’s a perfectly lovely sidewalk path to take when the weather isn’t simulating what is must be like North of the Wall.

Who me overly dramatic?!?! Oh you must have met me

Once as the gym, I noticed something…. it was pretty empty. I had the pick of machines. It was borderline overwhelming. Which do I choose? So naturally I picked them all. Yep, I made my own mini circuit. I started with the cross trainer. That’s what I call the elliptical with no arms. I prefer to hold myself up and pump my arms while engaging my core.  Then I did the rowing machine. I love this because it feels like a game to me. The rowing machine does not feel like exercise, until I can feel my arms hurting. After those cardio elements, I threw in a series of leg weights that included leg press, 2 types of leg curls, lunges, and the 2 hip Abductor/Adductor machines.

Day after… everything hurts, in a good way?

Overall, it was a perfect gym workout on a rainy ugly day. While I felt sluggish getting to the gym, I was glad that I got my workout in after I was finished.

What did you do over the weekend? Was is rainy, sleety, snowy gross where you live? What’s your favorite pieces of equipment at the gym? Or do you totally hate gyms? 



4 Comments on “When the gym is empty… use ALL the machines!

  1. Love the gym. I can’t say i have a favorite machine, but every time I’m there i try to get in a run. 🙂

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