Look like a Natural at the Gym

So I noticed something at the gym last night… more people! With resolutions come the increased crowds at the gym. Lots of people complain, but I personally think this is a great thing. More people exercising is fantastic, except when they have no idea what they’re doing.

Rock it out!

Here’s my simple list on how to assimilate with your fellow gym goers seamlessly:

  • Use the wipes. No really. People notice if you don’t. And it’s totally gross. I know you want to get in your cardio then do some weights. Just remember a quick wipe goes a long way.
  • Get to class 5-10 minutes early. Make sure you get a prime spot. It gives you a few minutes to talk to the teacher and let them know you’re new. They’ll give you a few pointers and you can avoid the awkward, “Whose new today?” moment.
  • Don’t take selfies on the machines. Please I beg you.
  • Share. Really share the machines and equipment. If someone is waiting for your machine, stick to a 30 minute  maximum.
  • A thank you goes a long way. If someone holds a door or helps you out, thank them. I never forget when someone is polite to me.
  • Bring water or whatever hydration you like. This is more for your sanity. Unless you are at fancy pants gym, you will not want to use that water fountain.
  • If you are really going to push yourself, like an intense workout, bring a towel with you. Your neighbors will appreciate it when you don’t sweat all over them.
  • If you are changing or showering bring a lock and shower shoes. Truth!
  • If you are curious, ask someone. Most everyone will be happy to help or at least point you in the right direction.

Follow this advice and you will blend in before you know it! In truth, most of us are confused by a lot of whats going on too…

This man is my new hero. I want to be him when I grow up.             source

Do you have any gym pet peeves? Any newbie gym advice?

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4 Comments on “Look like a Natural at the Gym

  1. My pet peeve is people on their phones in the gym. Leave it in the locker! Especially when they’re hogging a machine and spend 5 minutes looking at their phone!

    • Agreed unless you’re listening to music, phones should stay in your locker! I watched a girl do a selfie montage on all her machines last night while people waited, which provoked the post.

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