Weekly Update: April 26 – May 1- Getting Stronger!

Last week was a success training wise. I’m still learning to listen to my body and still push myself, so training is a work in progress, but I’m very happy with the results thus far. I’ve structured my training to push my through Marine Corps Marathon in the fall. Until then I am very exciting to be training for Zooma Annapolis on May 30th. (Also if you haven’t signed up yet use code SAMANTHA15 for 10% off!)

So let’s chat about this week!

Sunday: GW 10Miler – As my first real race post physical therapy, I was a little nervous going into it. But I was thrilled with I well it went. Also running with proper form is still something I am getting use to. I don’t know if anyone else has ever been so happy to have their thighs and butt sore with NO KNEE PAIN!!

Feel like I'm getting back to normal... Finally!

Feel like I’m getting back to normal… Finally!

Monday: Vinyasa Flow – After weeks of doing the basics course, I graduated to the regular flow! It was a great workout and perfect exercise post race day.

Tuesday: AM at home exercise DVD (I’m doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series Challenge, so I like to incorporate their fantastic workouts a few days a week! Some of their exercises are on DVDs and others available for free on youtube!)

Wednesday: AM Barre Class – Barre is a great exercise for strength training and as a former dancer, I absolutely love it.

get strongerThursday – AM at home exercises – The two I did are available on Youtube! I inserted them below. When I started their DVDs a few months ago side planks and rainbows were so difficult, now they’re still difficult but doable. Maggie (my cat) was especially playful, so i was a bit more exciting than usual.

Maggie can bother me anytime, I mean look at that face!

Maggie can bother me anytime, I mean look at that face!

Friday – REST

Saturday – REST

That’s right, I took Friday and Saturday off, because I was exhausted. I needed to listen to my body and take a little break and it was so worth it. I spent the weekend in New Jersey at an impromptu family reunion for my little cousin’s communion. I had a great time!

Now onto planning this week and prepping for my Zooma training run next week. Join me on Saturday!!

What did you do this week? Any spring races coming up? Do you pets ever join you while exercising purposely or not? Do you ever do challenges? What are your favorites?

8 Comments on “Weekly Update: April 26 – May 1- Getting Stronger!

  1. Rest is just as important as the workout!! I ran the GW Parkway 10 Miler too, one of my favorite races!

    • Exactly! It was my first year running it and I will definitely be back again next year! It is by far one of the prettiest races in this area.

  2. Nice job on your 10 miler! I am also trying to push myself through some marathon training because I am thinking of running Grandma’s marathon in June! I need to decide ASAP, LOL. I took a Barre class a little while ago – loved it! I like doing plank challenges, I think they are awesome for your core!

    • June is so close!! Also Grandmas’s Marathon? I”m going to need to google this. Barre classes are a crazy good workout and super fun at the same time. Planks are amazing for core and they’re a great way to benchmark progress too!

  3. Hey!! Any unique ways you’re motivating yourself to wake up and work out in the morning? I am (once again) failing miserably at it! (PS I miss you!)

    • Hey girlie!! Miss you too! There’s a few things I do to make AMs easier. Layout all your stuff, pre-pay for class or know exactly what you’re doing, go to bed early, put your alarm across the room, pack or pre-make your breakfast, and set lots of alarms!! Those are a few. One thing I did figure out was, do it gradually. Don’t just wake up early and expect to workout, slowly transition to waking up earlier. Sorry for the tangent, I just know I hate mornings too!!!

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