Are You Running Zooma?

Hey everyone! Real quick just wanted to let you know about an ongoing promotion for Zooma Annapolis. I am a race ambassador, but only because I love this race. To read my recap of last year’s 10K check it out here.

Use Code SAMANTHA15 to save 10% on the 10K and Half marathon. 

april promo

Register Here! 

This year I am looking forward to completing the half with friends. We’re doing a mini girls getaway, cause why not? Post race I imagine a fantastic brunch with lots of cocktails hopefully somewhere that very Annapolis near the water.

I'll run 13.1 for a mimosa

I’ll run 13.1 for a mimosa

So who’s in? Anyone else running Zooma annapolis? Running a Zooma race? What are you girly weekends like? Does it involve a race?

2 Comments on “Are You Running Zooma?

  1. Zooma Annapolis was my first 10K last year! Next year I definitely want to go back and tackle the half. It was such a pretty race!

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