In 2013 I ran the Run for the Parks 10K in early November. To read all about that experience check out my review here. I decided since I enjoyed the race last Fall, I would run the race again. The race took place on November 2, 2014. It’s a nice, simple out and back course. The race is put together by a local running store, Potomac River Running. This year’s race, was… Read More

Do you Zooma? I feel like that could be a verb, like google…. (I digress). The Zooma Race Series is something I’ve been hearing about for over a year. Last year, my mom and sister did the 10K in Annapolis. I did not cause I was moving from FL to DC that day. But they were so pumped when they came back. They LOVED this race. Naturally my curiosity got the best… Read More

When my friend asked my husband and I to fly out to Colorado for Memorial Day Weekend we were thrilled to add the BolderBoulder 10k to the list of our activities. Who doesn’t love running in a new place? I forgot about that whole altitude thing and just said YES! We woke up bright and early on Memorial Day Monday to drive the 1hr plus it takes to get from Denver to… Read More

On Sunday, I ran the Capitol Hill Classic 10K in Washington, DC. This is a very family oriented race because it is the primary fundraiser for a local DC school. This is going to be a very short report. On Saturday, I swung by the Pacers at Logan Circle to pick up my packet. The whole process took less than a minute. I grabbed by bib, safety pins, cotton t-shirt, and plastic… Read More

So apparently, May is the month of 10Ks for me. I happen to find myself signed up for 3 this month (and one half marathon). How did this happen? I’m not 100% sure. This is not a distance that I am particularly fond of nor do I have a lot of experience running. My last and only 10K was in November, which I signed up for as a shake out run before the… Read More

Usually I wouldn’t do a recap for a 10K but this was a truly fantastic race. So I had to share the details, or at least skim through them. This race takes place in West Potomac Park, in Washington, DC. It’s an out and back, which I usually don’t like but when it’s this pretty I can work with it. Also for $50 you did the 10K, got a pin and an… Read More