What do you mean Peeps aren’t a food group and let’s do sprints through an airport?

So I’m addicted. To Peeps. No really. I ate them for breakfast yesterday. This is not the food of champions people. However, they are absolutely delicious, there is no denying that. It turns out one of the perks of being an adult includes getting to eat peeps for breakfast.

But let’s get back to reality shall we? Last weekend, I was in Miami for about 36 hrs. It may have been exactly 36 hours, now that I think about it. Any who, I’m the kind of person who actually enjoys flying and traveling. I love it. Not even a lite fondling by security gets me down. There’s only one thing I don’t like about traveling and that’s when you are running late to your flight.

True Story

Naturally, I left work late, because I am also addicted to my job. I think they call that being a workaholic…. But by the time I got home grabbed my stuff and got out the door I was running late. Here’s the problem. I was walking to the metro (DC’s subway) which would then take me to airport. So thus began my epic sprint while carrying what was definitely way too much for a 36 hour trip. (For context my home to job is 20 min/4ish miles and the airport is in between.)

So I get off the metro ready to hop on a plane only to find out that Terminal A is way off in the distance. Here’s where the real running begins. You know that insane person you see in an airport sprinting through the terminal… well on Friday at DCA that was me!

running prepared me

You ready for my favorite part of the story? When I arrive at the jetblue counter ready to check my bag (yes I still check bags, my hair doesn’t just happen)… The Flight is Delayed!!! YEP! DELAYED!

I thought he was joking.

Turns out this was not a joke. So a casually wiped the ridiculous amount of sweat off my face and thew my hair into a top knot. While I caught my breath and made my way over to security for my Federal sponsored feel up session.

I eventually made it to Miami and enjoyed the nuptials. Yours truly was a bridesmaid and hubby was a groomsman. We lived in Miami for 3 years & only moved back up to DC in June, so we were having some major deja vu moments.

Overall the wedding was lovely and we had a great time. Due to the heat I was not feeling the drinking. So instead I was the designated driver. Which I think shocked everyone at the wedding who’d ever met me. Spoiler Alert: I can be a lush sometimes.

I know. It’s true though.

Tomorrow I plan on running 8 miles on the Mt. Vernon Trail and taking advantage of the Cherry Blossoms here in DC. This will be the furthest I’ve run since RnR USA last month. I do my best to listen to my body and my knee has been screaming at me to cool it and take a rest. I’ve been doing more yoga, machines, & general knee exercises for strength training. Nike Half and Frederick Half are in the coming weeks so I’m using tomorrow to judge how I intend on tacking these upcoming races.

How was your week? Are you running a race this weekend or training for one? Have you also done an epic sprint through the airport? What’s your favorite candy that you just can’t get enough of?



7 Comments on “What do you mean Peeps aren’t a food group and let’s do sprints through an airport?

  1. Peeps are absolutely a food group. While I haven’t just had peeps for breaky, I have had them as a supplement to my morning breakfast. Well, at least we’ll be running it all off in less than 2 weeks’ time!

  2. Haha, I LOVE me some candy but peeps are not numero uno… But heck, I wouldn’t turn any candy down, let’s be real. #adulthoodwins

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