Ever see a commercial or read an article that seriously pumps you up? I know that I do. Sometimes you see something that just inspires you. My friends have heard me utter the phrase, “Get it Gurl!” way too many times when they are doing something that straight up rocks. It could be running that 5K at under a 10min mile pace or kicking butt in that barre class for the past… Read More

Hello Friends!! It’s Friiiiiiday!!! Who’s excited? This girl! Let’s chat about what I’m obsessing over this week! I think I have come to terms with my Runner’s Guilt. It’s a priority. Just because I bought a house, doesn’t mean everything needs to be done right now. There is plenty of time to settle and nest. It’s just the Planner aspect of me that wants everything to look fantastic yesterday. Here’s the top… Read More

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. A day that is forever marked by the heinous atrocity that took place. As a community runners are strong, supportive and emotionally invested in the well-being of their kin. It’s a bond that seems implausible until you feel it yourself.I myself do not personally know anyone effected, nor am I from Boston. But the actions that took place that day shook… Read More