What are you waiting for! Let’s Sweat!

Ever see a commercial or read an article that seriously pumps you up? I know that I do. Sometimes you see something that just inspires you. My friends have heard me utter the phrase, “Get it Gurl!” way too many times when they are doing something that straight up rocks. It could be running that 5K at under a 10min mile pace or kicking butt in that barre class for the past month. Either way, it’s all about their goals! We can choose to raise each other up or not. I choose to encourage my friends to reach their goals. So…

I stumbled across this internet gem and I couldn’t help but feel pumped, so naturally I had to share.

Here’s the thing. I don’t look cute when I exercise. Like at all. I am sweaty, sticky, and my cheeks get flushed. Does that stop me? NO! That is because I love the way it makes me feel. Exercising is about your individual connection to fitness.

What are your thoughts? Do you have the urge to go exercise as much as I do right now? What are your thoughts on encouraging your friends and fellow fitness fanatics?

3 Comments on “What are you waiting for! Let’s Sweat!

  1. Hey girl! I COMPLETELY agree with what you’re saying. Funny I stumbled upon your blog while scrolling and the video you added was so fantastic i had to come and read what you posted along with it. YES now I feel like i want to go run and jump and kick butt at the gym!
    It’s super important to encourage others with their fitness goals. You rock girly I love what you’re about here!
    – Sarena

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