OMG… It’s race season again!

It’s that time of the year again people! Who’s excited?!? It’s fall race season! If you couldn’t tell I am thrilled! My very first race of the season is on Saturday! I will be making the journey to Leesburg, VA to run the DC Wine Country Diva Half marathon. (Yeah that’s a mouthful).

Happy Weekend to me!

Happy Weekend to me!

So I have some points of irritation with this race and it hasn’t even started yet.

1. It’s not in DC. It’s in Leesburg, VA which is an hour outside of DC.

2. Packet Pick up is only on the Friday. Traffic in DC is the worst! I will never make it. Therefore I have taken a half day from work to make it to packet pick up.

3. The closest hotel to the race is 10 miles away. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that I have no idea where I’m going and I need to find the official parking lots by 5:15am or 6am in order to grab the shuttles. The race has an anticipated 7:30am start. I say anticipated because last year it didn’t start till 9am.

Every just have a bad feeling.

Ever just have a bad feeling. 1.5 hour delay last year? Please tell me they learned a lesson or 2 from that.

Thankfully, my friend decided at the last minute to run this race with me. Otherwise I could tell this would be 13.1 miles of What the Hell moments and maybe some general confusion. She is doing the 5K with her mom the day before and we’re getting a hotel to make our lives easier on Saturday morning. Then I checked the weather for Saturday…

So that's something.

So that’s something.

Ever just have a bad feeling about a race? I hope I am pleasantly surprised. Even though it looks like this could easily be a hot mess, however I am still excited. I can’t help that I love race season! 🙂

Have you run a diva’s race? Did you do this race last year? Ever run a race that was not quite what you expected, good or bad? Any tips for running through lots of rain? 

7 Comments on “OMG… It’s race season again!

  1. Good luck! I’ll be hoping that the weather clears up and there aren’t any obscene delays. One time when I visited my sister I did a 5k in Leesburg – very pretty area.

    • Thanks! I hope so too, but we’ll try to make the best of it. I heard Leesburg is pretty, that is the one aspect of the race I’m excited about.

  2. I’ve never run a Diva race, but I ran a half in May where everything went wrong. We had to take the train first and then walk forever in pouring rain to the get to the start. We were late and my friend needed to use a porta potty so then we were totally late, I was like 8 corrals back from where I usually start. It was still pouring rain and poured the entire race. But, I ended up having fun. I was soaked, but it wasn’t that bad. Don’t wear a jacket as you’ll get too hot, wear what you would for that temperature. Double knot your shoes and body glide your feet as that will help with wet socks. Wear a garbage bag to the start line too, that will keep you warm and dry until you start running.

    • As long as you had fun, that’s a good sign! I didn’t know about the foot glide or Garbage Bag. They make perfect sense though! I’ll do both of those. Thank you for the tips.

  3. Good luck on the race! Make sure that you get there with plenty of time, as everyone is going to have to drive. And yes. body glide everywhere!

    • Thanks! My friend is always super punctual, I’m hoping she takes the lead on that. It looks like I’ll be doing a full body once over in Glide (too much?) lol. But seriously, I will be 🙂

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