Training Weeks 7 & 8: Vacation and Work!

My last 2 weeks have been spent in Florida, in that tropical sun, heat, and humidity. My first week was spent in Orlando for a business trip. I goaled myself to complete 1 workout… and success!! I completed 2! Hey that’s a big deal when you’re committed to 16+ hour workdays. I know it’s sounds cliché, but when you enjoy what you do, it’s not hard to push yourself.

Anyway while in Orlando I squeezed in a 3 mile run one evening and a quick in room yoga session another evening. I was on my feet for a lot of the days, so I was happy to have gotten in some kind of exercise.

It happened. That's all that matters.

It happened. That’s all that matters.

After finishing up my business trip, I traveled down to Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with family before continuing onto Key West for a family wedding. I am an active person while on vacation, which occasionally drives who am with nuts. If you ever want to go on vacation and not relax, take me with you. Once in Key West, we had a blast but naturally I wanted to go do all the things. This included walking everywhere, renting bikes, visiting the aquarium, going for a run, and paddleboarding. (I had a longer list, but was convinced to condense it.)

My run in Key West was challenging for many reasons. It was 900 degrees with the humidity of a sauna. I’m glad I did it, unfortunately, it was 2 miles short of my planned run. We all make adjustments, which is why I dragged my husband on a long walk later that day to get some more miles under my feet.

I didn't even bother doing my hair

I didn’t even bother doing my hair

If you haven’t tried paddleboarding I highly recommend it. It’s a fantastic workout. My hubby had a bit of trouble on the board here and there. I grew up by the ocean, so I am familiar with surfboards and paddleboards. Unfortunately, my hubris got the best of me… I saw him fall and began to laugh…. which caused me to fall off too.


If you’re ever in Key West I recommend the following: Cuban Coffee Queen, Hog’s Breath, Fat Tuesday (Pina Colada), renting bikes, venturing out to Smather’s Beach, Key Lime Pie at Kermit’s, doing a Sunset Cruise and Paddleboarding. My Aunt’s wedding was on a sunset cruise and it was fantastic. I included a pic below of the fam. (I’m in green towards the back.)

Family Pic post wedding!

Family Pic post wedding!


Freshest coconut water ever. I could drink this all day everyday.


More juice from the source, mile marker 0, and some fun family shots.


Hola Havana!


so good! my fav place is next to the Aquarium near Mallory Square.


Chilling with my lil’ cousin in Del Ray after Key West before returning back up to DC.

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Now that I’m back, it means marathon training is kicking into high gear. Thankfully I was able to keep my fitness level up while out-of-town, but now it’s time to really get mileage under my legs. I feel good and I’m looking forward to continuing this amazing journey.

How do you balance exercise while out-of-town? Do you love Key West too? Are you also go go go while on vacation and drive your friends/family insane?

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