Training Weeks 9,10,11: It’s Really Happening and Mileage!

It’s happening. No it’s really happening. The last 3 weeks of training have been exhausting but successful. I have managed to get all but one long run completed. This weekend I’m preparing to tackle 16 miles… (omg). I’ve learned that preparing for the run can make the experience much more enjoyable. I’m a bit of a type A, so it kind of makes sense.

Do you not organize your gu's by flavor?

Do you not organize your gu’s by flavor?

In between the running, I have incorporated more cross training. It just helps me feel stronger. I don’t know if I’m alone here, but doing a yoga class or barre goes a long way for me. Also, I am crazy tight, so the yoga is clutch. ( I may need to do more yoga.)

My week looks something like this now:

Monday – REST 🙂

Tuesday – Cardio/Running

Wednesday – Cross Training (Yoga, Barre)

Thursday – Cardio Running & some strength training

Friday – REST or active rest (depends on week)

Saturday – RUN (All the Miles!)

Sunday – A fun fitness activity (Kayaking, apple picking, yoga etc….)

It’s hard to believe the Marine Corps Marathon is less than 2 months away! This is insane. (AH!)

Eye on the Prize!

Eye on the Prize!

How has your training been going? Before you ran a marathon, when did it hit you that you were going to run a marathon? Also any MCM tips? 

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