My Race Day Must Haves

As spring race season approaches, I like to take inventory of what I have and what I may need to stock up on. Everyone has their race day rituals, superstitions, and must haves to get them through! Here are my Must Haves!:

Glide– If I could coat myself head-to-toe in this stuff I would. Correction: I do. Some people chafe and some don’t. I chafe. That’s it. I actually have a scar from a sports bra that didn’t agree with me after 15 miles. I don’t make that mistake anymore.

Thorlo ‘Experia’  Socks These socks are amazing. Before I started using them I got blisters if I ran more than 8 miles. Now my feet have amazing cushioned padding for my whole run. Some would say it’s weird that I have a sock preference but after losing lots of toe nails and having blisters under blisters, I think it’d be weird if I didn’t have a sock preference.

You think having a favorite brand of socks is crazy? Let's talk when you have 4 toe nails.

You think having a favorite brand of socks is crazy? Let’s talk when you have 4 toe nails.

Nathan Hydration Belt – Want to look cool in front of all your friends… don’t become a runner! I rock my Nathan Hydration Belt for most races. It’s like a Batman utility belt and did i mention it’s bright pink!!

Hat/Sunglasses – My eyes are extremely light-sensitive. No really. Without shades or a hat (sometimes both) my eyes will tear up and burn.

McDavid Knee Wrap: I have a wonky knee. There’s a history of knee issues. Occasionally, it will just give out. (That’s always fun!) When I run with this band it makes falling less likely.

It's more funny than painful at this point. At least to me....

It’s more funny than painful at this point. At least to me….

Nuun – Nuun!!! I asked at last year’s MCM Expo apparently it’s pronounced “noon.” I happen to like most of their flavors but the Cherry-Limeade and Lemon Lime are the best.

New Balance 870V3 – I’ve discussed how I’m in love with my sneakers before right?!? Well I can’t stop. They are fantastic. I was always a Nike or Brooks girl. But after getting fitted again last fall, I was told I needed additional room in the toe box. I am a shoe addict and also have Brooks Ravenna 5 & NB 890s

I'm sure you're admiring my super purples Zensah Compression Sleeves!

I’m sure you’re admiring my super purples Zensah Compression Sleeves!

Fuel – GU. Salted Caramel, Espresso Love, or Plain – There was a time when I could handle almost any GU flavor you threw at me. That was until I ran a marathon last November. During the training I tried out lots and learned what I do and don’t like. I also learned that anything you have after mile 20 of the marathon is forever tainted. (sorry vanilla bean)

RoadID – I run with a RoadID. After fainting at the finish of the Seaside Heights Half Marathon, I purchased this. I have my hubby’s contact, my mom, my allergies, and my mantra. It’s really helpful.

Yup, that's probably about what I looked like.

Yup, that’s probably about what I looked like.

Garmin 405 – My Garmin has been with my since 2009. I’m impressed every time I use it that 5 years later and it’s still rocking. I originally “borrowed” this from my mom while I was in college. And well I don’t think she’s ever getting it back.

Shuffle with Yur Buds – When I run a race alone I need my music. Sorry to those of you who hate people like me but, it’s what I do. However, I do not use it if the race is very specific about it like the Cape Cod Marathon or if I’m running with a group.

Picture ready? Yes, I will wear some Tinted moisturizer, Waterproof Mascara, Waterproof Eye Liner, and chapstick on race day. I also recently discovered waterproof clay based shadows as well. Listen, I’m not covered in makeup but a small non-comedogenic amount works for me.

Who doesn't want that glow?

Who doesn’t want that glow?

I know that I am over prepared. I feel like that kid from Christmas Story. Once you’re in a situation where you need something and don’t have it, your perspective changes.


Over prepared much? yeah....

Over prepared much? yeah….

What do you consider your must haves? Think of something I missed? When’s your next race? Do you also obsess over some of these products as much as I do?

10 Comments on “My Race Day Must Haves

  1. Many of the same/similar things…Garmin 305 Forerunner, RoadID tag on shoes, Amphipod fuel belt, Gu Chomps, Injinji socks, New Balance 940v2, iPod shuffle (with a new mix) and a few others. Makes me feel whole and ready to rock

    • It’s actually comforting to know your fav gear will be there during the race. Nothing is worse than 10 miles in and having something go wrong (unless it’s 20 miles in…) Injinji socks? I’ll have to try them.

      • Very true. Injinji are the toe socks…like gloves for your feet. They definitely look weird but they work great for me and keep my toes from rubbing (one of my toes naturally rides up on another one). Give their website a look.

  2. I love my Thorlo socks! I just became picky about socks this year when I realized what a difference a good pair makes! Also love my Garmin running watch! I love the idea of wearing water proof make up during races! I should give it a try because I always look like a hot mess in my race photos!!

    • Nice!! Waterproof mascara and waterproof stila eye liner has gotten me through many races and doesn’t come off. It’s kind of amazing.

      • You’re the second person I’ve had tell me that about the water proof stila eye makeup! It sounds like a winner! 🙂

  3. There is no such thing as overly prepared for a race, as long as each things has a purpose. I always carry Kleenex and a bandaid with me–you just never know! I wear Race Ready shorts or my old school moving comfort shorts that have massive pockets so that I don’t have to wear a fuel belt. Plus it gives my booty a bit more oompf

    • Thank you! That’s exactly how I feel! Hey there is nothing wrong with a little extra something-something… in your pockets! lol

  4. I always tell people when they ask why I wear makeup for races that I’m not wearing makeup to run, I’m wearing makeup to take pictures! I did my first few marathons without it and I hated the pictures so much. Never again! It’s my marathon and I’ll be vain if I want to.

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