Friday Favorites

I have noticed many bloggers doing Favorite Fridays. Well, that’s exciting because I love shopping, researching products, and telling people all about products I love! So here’s my very first Friday Favorite!

Let’s talk about my fitbit force. Or shall we call this Ode to my Fitbit Force.

Mine's actually black

Mine’s actually black

If you ever wanted a computer to tell you to get off your bum, get a Fitbit. I’m a desk jockey. I sit in a cubicle M-F working at a computer all day. I do sit with an exercise ball but really I don’t move as much as I should. Before getting Fitbit, I thought I walked around enough at work. Well I was wrong! So so Wrong! I average only 5,000 or so steps during the week. Which is not good. To have an active lifestyle you should take about 10,000 steps a day. So according to Fitbit, I am barely human M-F.

This is a great motivator. If I’m low on steps, I find that I go for a small walk on my breaks. It also showed me that I am tired, because I don’t sleep very well. I wake up consistently through the night.

But it has so many great features including pedometer, sleep tracker, stair climber counter…, active minute tracker, silent alarms, calories burnt tracker, distance traveled, and all information is available daily on your wrist. My favorite part is that it allows you to track your progress overtime using their app or dashboard on your computer.

Fitbit gives you the option to input your measurements and personal information so that your calculations are as accurate as possible. I’ve taken advantage of this feature. You can input your caloric intake and other fun info to keep track for weight loss or overall fitness monitoring. I’m in process of testing out this feature.

I have never had trouble with water or it falling off. But I also do not shower with it on.

This arrived in my inbox while I was typing this up at lunch... panda = awesome

This arrived in my inbox while I was typing this up at lunch… panda = awesome

Fitbit has shown me that I am capable of achieving fitness results in my average life. I don’t need to be at the gym or on a trail in order to incorporate additional exercise into my life. (Just get off my bum) As of right now I love it. It’s like a new toy I get to play with, that shows me how inactive I am M-F.

This is me strutting around my office.

Do you use a Fitbit or another pedometer type device? What have you learned from it? Any other desk jockeys out there?

Tell me what you think!

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