Fitness Meets Fashion

Has anyone else noticed a movement in the fitness community to bring a fashionable aspect to the workout apparel being worn? As someone who has been active in fitness most of my life, I’ve noticed a change in the tide. No longer is just a boring pair of shorts and a cotton T-shirt the go-to. Women (and Men) are upping their fashion game while working out.

Outfits are now coordinated, made of performance wear fabrics, transition well to that post yoga class coffee break, and most importantly can be very comfortable. Back in 9th grade when I made a custom shirt, it meant doodling, “I taunt hurdles,” on an old hanes t-shirt (Yes, that did exist due to my occasional stutter step). Now you can custom make just about anything through cafepress, etsy, or customink. It’s awesome. I think this shows just how ingratiated into our society fitness has become. It can make a fashion statement.

With fashion comes fashionistas!

With fashion comes fashionistas!

Last Saturday, I was intrigued by the NBC4 Health and Fitness expo in Washington DC. Not so much by the expo but by the Fitness Fashion show sponsored by Mind the Mat and Athleta. (To jog your memory, I reviewed Mind the Mat for Ramblen earlier in 2014.) I am a big fan of yoga and I’ve heard great things about Athleta. So I dragged a friend with me to check out the fashion show. Yes, that’s right a fitness fashion show.

The models were teachers from Mind the Mat and the clothing was all by Athleta. The show was broken into 4 small pieces. Yoga wear, Pilates, more yoga…, and more fitness apparel? There were 4 groups of “models” who rocked their catwalk then did a series of movements as a group to show the range of motion of the clothing. That was the best part. We were able to see the clothing in action.

Yeah... I can't do that. But looks the pants don't move!

Yeah… I can’t do that. But looks the pants don’t move!

Props to doing that on stage.

Props to doing that on stage.

Acro Yoga!

Acro Yoga!

The Fashion Show was a lot of fun. I loved seeing the new Athleta fitness apparel. The styles were so versatile and I could see myself wearing most of it. The colors were so bright and everything looked so comfortable. This trend in workout wear is fantastic in my opinion. The rep from Athleta mentioned that it’s a company designed by women for women and you can see the difference.

So, have you every been to a fitness fashion show? What’s your fav fitness apparel brand and why? Do you often think of coordinating your workout wear? Do you ever do post exercise activities in your fitness attire? If so how do you update the look for daytime? 

6 Comments on “Fitness Meets Fashion

  1. Fitness fashion shows are so much fun. I wore a pair of printed capri tights with boots and a black sweater to the office in the fall, and I got so many compliments on it!

  2. I’ve never been to a fitness fashion show, I bet it’s fun! I definitely wear some of my workout clothes out and about, particularly my 1/4 zip pullovers and running pants. They are comfy without looking like sweatpants. With all the cute prints and bright colors they have now, most of gym clothes are wearable out of the gym.

    • It was fun to see some clothes actually on people from the catalog. I wear my zip ups too when out and about. The prints were the best part, it made me think that maybe I need to jazz up a few pieces this spring.

  3. I have no idea how I missed out on this event! I definitely would love to go next year!

    • It was a lot of fun! I saw it on the news and Mind the Mat’s Facebook page. I would argue the fashion show was the best part of the whole expo (for me at least).

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