Run for the Parks 2014 10K Recap

In 2013 I ran the Run for the Parks 10K in early November. To read all about that experience check out my review here. I decided since I enjoyed the race last Fall, I would run the race again. The race took place on November 2, 2014. It’s a nice, simple out and back course. The race is put together by a local running store, Potomac River Running. This year’s race, was a little different. I don’t live biking distance from the start and it was super cold. Okay maybe not super cold, but it’s not quite summer anymore.

I picked up the packet the day before at the Tysons Store. I ran in grabbed my bib, commemorative race pin (how fun!), and the half zip. One of the things this race is know for is providing a top notch premium. This year did not disappoint. The half zip is quite nice.

They had men's and women's sizing too!

They had men’s and women’s sizing too! The logo is also this felt fabric which is fun and random. 

Race Morning my hubby dropped me off near the start cause we could not find decent walkable parking. While digging through the trunk for a water, I hit my head. So that kind of sucked. Then I make my way over the start and it is COLD. However, I know I warm up quickly while running so I chose to forgo the hat and gloves. Turned out to be a smart decision later but made for an extra chilly start.

Eventually we start. I run. It’s fine. There really wasn’t anything too exciting going on. There was a water stop at the turn around of mile 3.1 ish. It was pretty. I was moving pretty slowly because I just couldn’t get into a good rhythm then became unexpectedly nauseous. So I took my time. the last 2 miles were a pretty solid headwind that was whipping my face. So that was less than pleasant. Overall, it was fine. I don’t know if I would do it again. This is the type of race, that when the weather is a wonderful fall day, it’s straight up majestic. However, when it’s cold, windy, and my head it pounding from just whacking it on a trunk… it’s less than ideal.

It's quite apparent that winter is on her way!

It’s quite apparent that winter is on her way!

Post race, while walking back to the car, I decided to play tourist. :)

Post race, while walking back to the car, I decided to play tourist. 🙂

Are you ready for winter running? What’s your favorite winter accessory? What’s your favorite thing about running in the winter?

5 Comments on “Run for the Parks 2014 10K Recap

  1. Ugh, winter running! Sorry to hear you weren’t feeing the best during your race. But I do love that shirt they gave out. I have a few things I love wearing in the winter. My best running jackets all come from Old Navy and have lasted for years (go figure) and I have a pair of Lululemon Dog Walker pants that were pricey but a two layer pant. The outer is a windshell and the inner is a tight. My legs feel warm even on the coldest of days.

    • My sentiments exactly! Ugh…. Yeah I thought the shirts were nice too, made the whole experience alright. Old Navy! Really? I may have to check that out.

  2. I think I’m ready for winter running, I really have no choice! Favourite winter accessory? Hmm, so many. I’d have to say my fleece neck warmers, I have several and cannot run in winter without one. Also my Salomon Snowcross runners. Totally love them.

    • I’m sure! I can only imagine how cold it gets up there in Canada! eek! Fleece Neck Warmers? Sounds nice and toasty (and needed!) So I just googled Salomon Snowcross runners… those are legit!

      • They are totally legit and awesome for running in the snow! Changed my life when I discovered them a few winters ago.

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