Disney Wine and Dine Expo – Disney Part 1

This past weekend was spent in Disney World! That’s right Disney! Months of planning was finally enjoyed over a long weekend of racing, adventures, and spending time with good friends. I am truly sad that it is over, but I’m glad we had such a wonderful trip. So let’s start with our first official day!

We arrived super late on Thursday, so that we could enjoy the entire day at the expo and in the park on Friday. We didn’t actually make it to our rooms until 1am on Friday morning. That’s okay though because we were in Disney World. We work up bright and early to make our way to the Expo on Friday morning, which was being held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

FYI... this place is HUGE

FYI… this place is HUGE

Do they make champagne bottle this big... cause I know what I want for the holidays!

Do they make champagne bottle this big… cause I know what I want for the holidays! (I’m on left and Ms. RockyMtnPearls is on the right… check out those Polynesian Pants)

Once in the expo we waited on our separate lines, because we were mostly in separate corrals. Hubby was B cause he’s speedy, the RockyMtnPearls’ were both in G and I was the slow poke in Coral H. The lines were long for packets, but for some reason my line was moving at a glacial pace. Like everyone else was done and I was still like 45 people back.

That's a sea of people

That’s a sea of people


So hubby was nice enough to hold my place while I headed into the merchandise tent that was onsite. It was there that I found out the larger merchandise tent was in the Jostens Center where the race shirts were being held. So I picked up 2 headbands and a magnet. At that point hubby was 5 people away, so I rushed over to grab my bib. After I finally received my bib, we headed over for shirts. The expo was PACKED! We were able to weave through the crowd for shirts then I headed into the expo looking for a very specific black zip up jacket that said EAT, DRINK, RUN on the back. However, I couldn’t find my size. Just as I’m about to ask a women for more sizes, she’s bringing back one jacket…. it was the LAST one available in my size! WHAT! So I scooped that up, tried to find another person for help, then just got frustrated and gave up.

I'm loving the colors of the expo merchandise

I’m loving the colors of the expo merchandise

By now we’d been at the expo for way too long, and needed to hustle to make our reservation window for Be Our Guest lunch in Magic Kingdom. On the way out though we picked up some SparkleAthletic visors, because the weather was predicting rain and we needed something to keep the water out of our eyes. Overall, we waited in a lot of lines! But we got what we came for were ready to make our way to the Magic Kingdom!

Stay tuned for our adventures in Magic Kingdom!!

What’s your fav gear to purchase at an expo? If you knew you were about to run a race in pouring rain what would you make sure you had on you? 


9 Comments on “Disney Wine and Dine Expo – Disney Part 1

      • California is literally the best place in the world to live. I hope you went to Laguna Beach! It is the prettiest beach in the US! (except for the beaches in Hawaii, of course). I’m glad you had fun!!

  1. Your line really did move at a glacial pace! I am glad you didn’t mention that my line had 3 people in it… it wasn’t my fault, honest!

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