Margaritas & Half Marathons!

When #Runchat announced that applications were open to become a Key West Half Marathon Blogger, I jumped at the opportunity. I mean why wouldn’t I want to run in Key West?!? When I found out that I’d been picked, I was thrilled. Now all I had to do was convince the hubby (and a few friends too) to fly down to Key West with me.

Well thankfully, that wasn’t too hard. The hubby and I loooove Key West! I was actually looking for an excuse to get us back there, so this worked out perfectly!



The Key West Half Marathon will take place on January 18, 2015. This also happens to be MLK Jr. weekend. Therefore, most people have Monday off from work! We’ve already decided to make a long weekend out of the event and enjoy all that Key West has to offer! I see a pub crawl, vespa ride, and lots of sunshine in my future!



I can’t wait to fill all of you in on more details about our trip, race planning, and prepping for this winter race! Maybe I’ll get to meet some of you too!

Have you ever been to Key West? Do you enjoy destination races? What’s your favorite Jimmy Buffett song? 

Disclaimer: Key West Half Marathon has provided me with free race entry. All opinions are my own. 

12 Comments on “Margaritas & Half Marathons!

  1. I have been to Key West once, and though I had a great time for the very brief time that I was there, I also found some rather suspicious things that I will forever associate with the place!

    • Key is a great place but also a very strange place. I totally understand what you mean. Last time I was there I saw a few very odd things.

  2. Lucky!!! I want a free entry! I’ve only been to Key West once, but I looooved it! My sis ran it last year and had.a.blast. They even use a pic of her in their promotions. And oh, I”m a huuge parrothead. I have manny favorite JB songs. I tend to like his slower non-popular ones that tell stories. Pacing the Cage, etc.

    • Ha! Thanks! Right! Key West is amazing! I’m glad she had fun, I’m really looking forward to this race. Nice! I’m a big fan of the classics and Last Mango in Paris is one of my fav songs.

    • Thank you! Key West is the best. If you ever get a chance do not hesitate to visit. Destination race are awesome, you get to see something new and race!

  3. Key West is my husband and my favorite place. We try to go once a year. This year was for me to do the Key West Ragnar and in 58 days will be for this race! I am so looking forward to it I just hope the weather was like it was for this year (60 degrees) and not what we had for Ragnar just 1 week later. (see: SUPER hot and humid)

    Hope to see you there!

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