Being Course Support!

Last weekend, my husband did the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. I was originally signed up for this however, opted to defer to 2015 due to lots of unexpected training interruptions over the summer. While I thought to defer my husband decided to try out completing the marathon. He had done races before on very little training so he figured why not another.

He's going to do what... yeah....

He’s going to do what… yeah….

On race morning, I dropped him off in the Pentagon parking lot which happened to be down the street from our old apartment and made my way over to Clarendon to meet up with my bestie. She and I planned to be Michael’s course support through the day. I got there super early and we made signs! Who doesn’t love signs?!? One side read, “Run Michael Run” with a little stick figure that said ZOOM! and the other said, “YOU LOOK AMAZING!” I think it’s fun to have signs for all the runners that pass.

Look at all those runners!

Look at all those runners!

It was amazing watching all these runners accomplishing an amazing goal. Bestie and I saw hubby at mile 1.5 in Arlington. We JUST missed him at mile 5. So we headed over to roughly mile 11 to see him by the steps of Rock Creek Parkway by the Lincoln Memorial. The Marine Corps Marathon is a walker friendly race if you can walk fast and know the running trails. Thankfully, Bestie and I run these trails often and know the paths of how to get from one place to another and NOT cross in front of runners. After seeing him at 11 and giving him his Green Machine Juice we made our way to mile 16. We were actually directly in front of mile marker 16! So we took some photos and send them to hubby and our friend Ms. RockyMtnPearls who was running a half that day.

You Do LOOK Amazing!

You Do LOOK Amazing!

There's something fun about cheering people on!

There’s something fun about cheering people on! Yes, we texted this to Hubby and provided support to Ms. RockyMtnPearls via text too!

After mile 16 and handing hubby a red bull and cliff bar we wander over to roughly mile 21, which is the 14th street bridge. Here we sat on a median (i think that’s what it’s called) and just sat. We were walking WAYYY more than we thought we would. After we saw him on the bridge, we headed toward the finish line. Thankfully I run that bridge often, so I knew there’s a pedestrian path if you enter by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, from there we took the Mt. Vernon Trail to the Arlington Memorial Bridge then headed toward Arlington Cemetery. After walking around what is usually a turn to get onto the 110 (highway), we were looking at mile 25.8ish…. We cheered on runners here for bit then when we finally saw hubby, we walked him in. It was a rough race and he went a tad bit slower than anticipated. So we were able to keep on eye on him for the last bit.

All in all we walked almost 10miles! Yeah…. we didn’t run a marathon (although we both have in the past), it was rougher than I expected. I was just happy I was able to support Hubby during the race. Running races are a blast, but sometimes it’s nice to step back and help someone else out. I do enjoy going out and cheering at race, because I know that I love it when I’m on the receiving end.

photo 3At one point the Find My Friends App told me he was swimming otherwise… this feature is the best for race tracking.

Congrats Hubby!

Congrats Hubby!

Did you run a race last weekend? Did you run with the marines? Do you every go to races to provide support to friends or family? What your fav race sign?

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  1. Having been someone running MCM before, and knowing how huge the course support is, I thank you on their behalf!! And congrats to your hubbs!

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