On Fridays… I Ramble…

Friday posts have just become my day of the week to say what’s on my mind. Whether it’s chapstick, races, or a new workout technique I’m trying, I like to just purge my thoughts. So here goes another round of Friday Favorites…

1. Running with my family! That’s right, my family! My mom and 2 sisters just signed up for their very first half marathon (No boys allowed!) . We will be running the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon on May 31st. To Prep, I’m running a 10K with my mom on May 18th. The crazy thing is that I didn’t make them sign up for this. It was my mother’s idea. I’m stoked and cannot wait to be there with them as they cross that finish line for the first time! It’s very exciting! (Can you tell I’m excited?!? Look at all these exclamation marks I’m using!)

Finally! Coordinated family costumes just like my mother use to dress us in!! I see lots of glitter in our future!

2. Race-cation Planning – I’m a planner. I plan trips that are a year away. With 2 confirmed race-cations on the horizon, I need to make sure we are using our time to the fullest. Hubby and I are officially doing the BolderBOULDER on Memorial Day. It was touch and go, but plane tickets are booked and time off is approved, so it looks like I’ll be testing out that high altitude running thing after all. I hear they have oxygen bars so that’s something.

I want to meet these people and become BFFs

I want to meet these people and become BFFs

AND we just booked our hotel for Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November. RockyMtnPearls did not want to have adjoining rooms… the nerve! We settled for nearby at the Caribbean Beach Resort. Yes, I know November is far away, but one of the hotels is already booked (for the normal priced rooms) the evening of the race. It seems that I’m not the only crazy planner out there.

When in Disney! High Five for everyone!

3. Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits – Nature Valley was kind enough to send me a sample of their new Blueberry flavored breakfast biscuit. Well for lack of a better word I’m obsessed. They’re delicious, filling, and don’t upset my stomach. (Expect a full review next week after I test one out pre-long run)



4. Sparkle Skirts/Running Skirts – Call me crazy. I have never run a long distance race in shorts or a skirt for that matter without capris or tights underneath. I am extremely body conscious. However, I was inspired after seeing many women at the RnR USA wearing such fun and comfortable looking running skirts to try out the craze. I just ordered my first sparkle skirt and running skirt earlier today. I’m really excited to try them both out and I’ll be sure to report back. This is definitely out of my comfort zone. The skirts remind me a bit of tap dancing costumes I had growing up which , kind of makes me like them more…. (I question my life choices)

Yes, I want to wear a glitter skirt to the BolderBOULDER

Yes, I want to wear a glitter skirt to the BolderBOULDER

5. MCM! I got into the lottery for the Marine Corps Marathon. Life works out perfectly sometimes. Seriously.  After the RnR USA Half Marathon my knee has been acting up a bit. If I had to run a trail run to get in to MCM, I could have been doing more harm then good. For those of you who remember the trail run I’m referring to  is the MCM qualifier that I was bitterly shut out of. Next time I should remind myself that everything happens for a reason. That being said, I cannot wait to #RunWithTheMarines! (oh and hubby got in too! It was a very lucky day in our household).

Could only for the gif from new Wonka Movie. Eh… still applies. I feel like I got a Golden Ticket

How was your week? Any fun news? Did any of the race lotteries work in your favor? How far out do you like to plan travel? 

4 Comments on “On Fridays… I Ramble…

  1. I question your life choices in a GOOD way! Running in skirts is the best thing ever! I now have 3 pairs of running capris that have attached skirts, and two pairs of running skorts! Why not still feel feminine and fabulous whilst running. Remember dear, we don’t sweat, we glisten and glow.

  2. Sounds like your race schedule is shaping up!!! I’ve tried 6 years in a row to get in the London Marathon lottery to no avail.

    • I was certainly very lucky with races this year. Keep trying, you never know, you could get in eventually! That would be an amazing race.

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