Run for the Parks 10K Recap

Usually I wouldn’t do a recap for a 10K but this was a truly fantastic race. So I had to share the details, or at least skim through them.

This race takes place in West Potomac Park, in Washington, DC. It’s an out and back, which I usually don’t like but when it’s this pretty I can work with it.

I mean really?!? This is amazing!

I mean really?!? This is amazing!       source

Also for $50 you did the 10K, got a pin and an amazing New Balance zip up. Yes, I have chosen my races based on premiums more than once.

Look at that gorgeous jacket... you will be mine

Look at that gorgeous jacket… you will be mine

This race took place one week before my marathon. It was a perfect short jog to keep me ready for OBX Marathon. My husband was terrified about me running after the disaster at the Seaside Heights Half Marathon  3 weeks before, so we biked over to the start together. He also followed me on his bike nearby most of the way. (I found a keeper)This race had a firm 12.56 min mile max. So long story short I was a tad concerned. We arrived about five minutes before the start, locked my bike to a tree and I got in the ready area. It was maybe 55 degrees and truly a beautiful day. I had only capris and a light long sleeve tech tee. But in my usual fashion I was HOT!

Boom Race Starts.

This is my first solo race in a long time. So I was going to use this as a test to see if I’m still capable of running fast-ish. Well turns out I am… I ran the first two miles at a 9:30 pace. Yeah that’s right… 9:30. I was shocked too. I assume I looked something like this.

Yes. This could be my running form

Yes. This could be my running form

The race was beautiful, well laid out, and a fun morning. They had 2 water stops one around 2 ish and one around 4-5 ish. It was an out and back so they were technically located in the same place.

My garmin put my time at 69 min. I’ll take it! Afterward they had water and bagels! This was a great local race and I can’t wait to do it next year again!

What was less pleasant was getting back on the bike and going home. But it was a great workout!

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